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Mage's POV

Someone kissed my cheeks jolting me awake. I fluttered my eyes open and saw Jack smiling at me. I closed my eyes and turned away from him while mumbling things..

"What did you say?" He asked. I can feel the other side of the bend sink so I faced him..

"I'm still tired, what time is it?" I asked while hugging him.

"It's just nearly 9, it's fine, go to sleep." He said soothingly.

I just closed my eyes and hugged him tighter. My face could feel his stomach.. I mean his so called abs.. I don't know, I feel comfortable hugging him..

"Where's mom and dad?" I mumbled and he chuckled.

"They're already at work." He answered while laying properly.. Now I am facing his chest..

"Aren't you sleepy?" I asked while looking up at him.

"Not really. I'm already used to waking up early even if I am tired." He said while smiling down at me.

"Hey Jack. I have to ask you something." I said while slowly sitting up.. His brows shooting up.

"What's that?" He asked curiously while guiding me to sit up properly.

"Can you tell me about your dad?" I asked cautiously and he shrugged.

"Do you really want to know about my dad?" He asked and I nodded.

"Okay.." He stated nervously.

"I won't interrupt you while you're talking don't worry. Just tell me everything.. I promise I won't leave you." I assured him and he smiled.

"About my dad.. he USED to be a great dad to me." He started, emphasizing the word 'used'.

"I don't remember quite about what happened after the car crash. It's all blurry.. I don't know. All I can remember clearly is when I am 12 years old. I kept asking my dad where is mom, he already told me that she's dead cause she chose Meise but I kept asking, course I am too young to understand but he got mad.. so he shouted at me, he is drunk, always drunk.. He shouted, as in shout-shout, he almost hit me and I got scared. I ran to my room and locked myself up. I am waiting for him to knock on my door and say sorry but he didn't. After waiting for hours and hours.. I finally decided to come out and I headed to his room.. I am about to knock when I heard him talking to a girl. I slowly opened the door and saw them. Dad is sitting on the bed and the girl is looking out the window, they both looked frustrated. They didn't notice me so I just kept quiet.. Dad suddenly hugged the girl and he kissed her, I got shocked and closed the door loud enough for them to hear then I ran to my little sister's room but she isn't there.. I don't know where she is at that time. I went to my room and locked the door to my closet. I waited but he didn't even care to knock or anything. The next thing I know is that I got suffocated and I blacked out. Then after that.. I woke up with pale walls and pale silence with my aunt beside me." He said frustrated-type and I can see that he is somewhat scared.

"What happened next?" I asked curiously and I saw some tears ready to fall in the end of his eyes.

"It's fine if you can't take it. You can stop." I assured him and he smiled emptily and I tried to cheer him up.

"I can, don't worry." He said assuring me back and I nodded.

"Okay.. So here.. I asked my auntie where is my sister and my dad. She said that Meise is with her and she's at her house while dad, she said that she didn't see dad when she got here, but she said that dad was the one who brought me to the hospital according to the doctors, but the thing is, he hasn't even taken care of me. He's with his slut." He said while looking down.

"Do you know where he is right now?" I asked while hugging him.

"I don't know but I think Auntie knows." He said while laying back.

"Do you want to go to him?" I asked carefully and I think that he is caught off guard. I also laid back.

"No, yes. I don't know.." He trailed.

"Okay, it's fine. I'm not rushing you or anything." I said comfortingly.

"Thank you Mage for being there." He said while hugging me.

"I'm sorry. We should be eating normally this time rather than talking serious things that is making you feel down. But I am happy and grateful that you opened up." I said while hugging him back.

"It's fine." He said assuringly.

We continued to hug and feel each other's presence. Just simple like that. Comfortable silence..


Mage's POV

"Hey guys!" I shouted at the top of my lungs but they didn't mind my feelings, they just continued.

We are now here at some mall something and we caught some of people's attention. They saw us and some of them is asking Jack about us. I don't wan't Jack feeling uncomfortable, I also know that Jack doesn't want me feeling uncomfortable. I just can sense it cause he always shot me a worried look every time some paparazzi comes near me and asks me tons of questions but I just smiled in reply. Why do they need to come to my face and ask me things not that important. I feel like throwing up..

"Hey, are you okay?" Jack asked as he examines my face worriedly.

"I don't know.." I trailed while holding onto my head.

"Guys, would you stop it? Please just leave us alone. Mage doesn't feel good about all of this!" Jack half-shouted and they stopped.

"I'll get you out of here.." Jack whispered to me and I nodded.

He carefully hugged me and then he carried me bridal style up to the car. When he put me down, I threw up beside the car.. Jack rubbed my back soothingly..

He let me drink water while continuing to rub my back. What is happening to me.. I feel sick.

"I'm sorry. I should've done that earlier.." Jack said and I smiled.

"No, I'm sorry.. I know you're not used to this." I said and he smiled.

"Come on, let me take you home. How are you feeling?" He asked while sitting me down carefully inside the car.. Tyler is none of this.

"I'm a little bit better but my head is still throbbing." I admitted and his eyes widened in worry.

"Do you want me to take you to the hospital? Are you sure it's just your head?" He asked worriedly.

"No need to take me to that place. I know you're not comfortable there." I said while smiling assuringly.

"I'll just take you home and I'll just let Nana or a maid call a doctor to check up on you." He said and I nodded while chuckling.

He sat in the driver's seat and started to drive to the house.

Actually, my head is really throbbing. W H Y W H Y . .