A new companion II

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I woke up in my room.My head hurts as if someone was banging on it with hammer. I don't remember how I got here, the last thing I remember is how I went home, and then... darkness.

I barely got out of bed and headed for the door. When I was to open it, someone opened it from the outside. It was Asia. When she saw me, she hugged me tight.

F/N: Hey, hey, what's going on?

Asia: How good it is that nothing has happened to you... Why did you go home alone?

F/N: I was tired and did not want to disturb you in your conversation... How much time did I sleep here?

Asia: Today is the second day. We managed to find you after some strange call to Rias.

F/N: What call?

Asia: An unknown number called to Rias and said that we should go to a certain street because you might need help. When we found you, you lay unconscious. Do you know who he was?

F/N: I have an idea, but I'm not sure... Bay the way, you shouldn't be at school?

Asia: Oh ... I stayed at home so that I could take care of you.

Asia began to blush.

F/N: Thank you, I am very grateful to you.

I smiled and hugged Asia.

F/N: What happened when I wasn't "available"?

Asia:Hmm ... the student council has repaired all the damage, we managed to intercept the holy swords ... and we have a new member of the group.

F/N: Really? Whom?

Asia: Xenovia.

F/N: You're kidding.

Asia: I'm not kidding, really!

F/N: Wow...I didn't expect this.

Asia: I know, it also surprised us.

Then my stomach spoke, I was terribly hungry.

Asia:Oh, I'm sorry! I'm going to prepare you something to eat.

F/N: Thank you Asia.

Smiling Asia ran towards the kitchen, and I returned to my room. I pulled out the phone and called Eugene.

Eugene: Hey F/N, it's you?

F/N: Yes, it's me. Sorry, I couldn't call, but tell me, are these flying creatures are your doing?

Eugene: Yes, in the end you asked me for help...

F/N:Dude, it was epic!You can create your own army!This is awesome!

Eugene: T-Thank you, but you also did great! This gigantic thunderbolt is your work, right? You are great! I would like to be like you...

F/N: All you have to do is go to the people first.

Eugene: Emmm... So maybe I'd better stay at home...

F/N: Haha! If you want to... Thanks for telling my friends where I am.I am grateful to you.

Eugene: No problem, you're welcome.

F/N: I have to go, hold on Eugene.

Eugene: OK, bye.

After the conversation, I went to the kitchen, where Asia finished preparing food. We decided to go to the old school building to meet the team. When we entered the room, I saw that there were more person in the room than usual. More specifically, one more person. It was a blue-haired Xenovia.

F/N: Wow, so Asia wasn't kidding.

I laughed loudly.We greeted everyone and sat on the sofa.

Rias: As you can see F/N, we have a new family member. I hope you will be able to get along.

Xenovia: I also. I would like to apologize to you for everything I said before. Please forgive me.

F/N: O-Okay... You don't have to be so formal. Nothing happened, maybe apart from calling Asia a witch...

Asia: Xenovia has already apologized to me, I have no resentment.I want us to become good friends.

Ahh... Asia.Such good and innocent.

F/N:If so, I'm glad that everything is fine.

Xenovia: I would also like to thank you for your advice.Thanks to you I am here.

F/N: You're welcome, I like to help.

Xenovia: But I would like to ask you... a personal question. If I can.

Xenovia suddenly became even more serious than usual.

F/N:Sure, ask.

Xenovia: You are a conduit. Have you heard about Curdun Cay Station?

F/N: Of course, I finally spent two years there.

Issei: What is Curdun Cay?

Xenovia: Curdun Cay is a special prison created specially for conduits. No one, except D.U.P and prisoners, was ever inside. Nobody has escaped from this prison.

F/N: ALMOST nobody.

Everyone was watching me with interest in eyes.

Xenovia: I would like you, to tell me about this place. Of course, if you don't mind...

I looked at everyone in the room. They stared at me in silence. I had the impression that they also wanted to find out.

F/N: Are you all curious?

Everyone just nodded.

F/N: All right, if you all want it...



I just came to spoil your fun, and say that in the next part, there will be a story about how we've gained power, and about our "vacation" in Curdun Cay.

And that would be enough. I wish you a nice day (or evening). And until next time.

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