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hello lovely people
this book is just a personal book where i rant, share facts about me, talk with you guys and cry at things like the photo above :')

so to get this book started i'll begin with
ten facts about my boring self :))

1.) my name is nimmy

2.) my birthday is january 16th (so at the time of publishing this chapter it is my birthday in like two weeks?)

3.) im 15 (at the minute)

4.) im 160cm aka 5'3" so yes i am short :( my friends like to make fun of my height aha

5.) im from ireland/the uk

6.) I've been a fan of kpop since December 2017

7.) i'm the oldest out of five children (one sister and three brothers ew)

8.) my favourite colour is a blueish grey kinda colour

9.) my hobbies are; listening to music, drawing and writing

10.) when i get older I'd love to travel and then go on to do something in art, architecture or maybe writing.


and that's about it for now!
have a nice day
~ nimmy

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