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January 1st, 2019

Sunny was standing backstage with her members. They were getting ready to go on stage for a quick performance. Everyone was wearing their dark clothes since they were performing their newest song.

Sunny was still a bit nervous about having to be around Mingyu after kissing him on the cheek for New Years. She was fixing her in ears when she felt something wrap around her arm. She looked to her arm and up at the figure standing beside her.

"Mingyu." Sunny said, removing his hand from her arm.

"Are you alright?" Mingyu asked, he was worried since she would stay far from him.

"I'm fine." Sunny said, putting both of her in ears in so she couldn't really hear anyone.

Sunny turned around and saw all the other idols walking around backstage. Some were getting water and others were rushing to get to where they needed to be in time. She tried to walk away before Mingyu stopped her, but she didn't walk away fast enough.

Mingyu grabbed her hand and turned her around, he leaned in and placed his lips on Sunny's. She was in a shocked state but slowly rested into the kiss, putting her hands around him. They pulled away from the kiss after a little bit.

"Would you want... to go out with me Sunny?" Mingyu asked, moving Sunny's black hair behind her ear.

"Yes..." Sunny said with a smile as she hugged Mingyu.

On that day, Mingyu promised to himself that he would take care of Sunny no matter how hard it got. Protecting her also meant that he had to watch out for her out in public, around fans.

Telling the fans would be hard. No one would know whether the fans would support it or not. Telling the members was easy. Once the two told the members that they were officially dating, everyone supported it. S.Coups... he might have went up to Mingyu and told him that he better take care of Sunny and if she was ever hurt... I think you can get it...

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