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third person


the whole house is too busy on their laptops. they're either editing their next video upload or online shopping since procrastination seems to be heavily carried around this house. 

next thing you know, sweet madelaine neidhart, the one they all know and love, is carrying david's signature flame thrower and chasing him around with it.

 zane and todd get up from the couch and break into laughter. this is something that is seen everyday. except for matt. matt was considered caring towards his friends. he rushed over to madelaine, a look of concerned plastered on his face. "mads, calm do-"

"SHUT UP TANA LOVER!!" madelaine hollered. she continued chasing david, youtube's finest and leader of the self-proclaimed vlog squad. zane began cackling, holding onto his side. matt rolled his eyes and sat back on the couch.

the door swung open. charlie and wyatt, jason's kids, run inside the house. they nicely greet everyone in the house, acting like they don't see a flame thrower being used inside. "hi maddie!" the kids greet her before running down the hallways.

"hi charlie and wyatt!!" madelaine says with a toothy smile. the smile on her face soon wipes clean as she remembers the situation. the embarrassment he had cause her. she doesn't think she'll be able to go out anywhere in los angeles anymore.

jason and trish walk inside the house. three bags in his hand. trisha starts greeting everyone until she lets out a tiny yelp once she sees madelaine with the flame thrower in hands. jason sets the bags down and walks over to her. he sees that madelaine has david cornered. "jesus, what the fuck is happening here?!"

corinna, scott and kristen, who were all in their rooms, come out and try to see what is occurring in their household right now. corinna lightly scratches the back of her head and walks over to todd. she points over to madelaine and david, wanting to know why she had him cornered. todd laughed even more.

"why don't you ask the hypocrite who goes around exposing people when they are in bad condition!" madelaine shuts the flame thrower and tosses it onto the floor.

"oh, I'M the hypocrite?!?" david points at himself while laughing. "you chased me around the house with a fucking flamethrower in your hands for ten minutes and you're gonna tell jason that i'm the hypocrite."

jason looks in between them and looks back at the rest of the vlog squad. all of them shrug their shoulders, not sure why madelaine would do anything harmful like that. jason could be caring at times. only when he wanted to. he was considered the dad and grandpa of the vlog squad.