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~~~Benjamins POV~~~

*ill be at your apartment at 8 to pick up the money asshat.* I read under my mothers kitchen table. No way, the game isn't even over yet.

"Mitch and your father should be home from his game soon. Meanwhile you and I should set the table as we wait." I nod at my mom and head into the kitchen behind her.

"Chase is joining us is that still alright with you?" I ask pulling the plates out of the cabinet.

"Of coarse. Are you and him still roommates at Brown?"

I take a breath in and clear my throat, "um, yeah I guess." I just pray she doesn't sense the lie in my voice.

"You can't imagine how happy I was when you decided to go to an academic school instead of taking that silly soccer scholarship and becoming a policeman. I was really proud of you. Maybe this way you can become a lawyer, that way all of the money me and your father put towards putting you into that school will finally pay off," my mom starts to explain.

"Drop it mom."

"I'm just saying-"

"I said drop it." I practically growl at her. I'm tired of my families bullshit. "What are we having tonight?" I ask trying my best to lighten the mood.

She blinks a few times, "chili with garlic bread. I know it's your favorite. You never come by much anymore." My mother explains.

My phone buzzes again after I set all of the plates out around the table but this time it's a call from Chase.

"I'll be right back I need to take this," I excuse myself, "hey man you still coming?" I ask once I'm out of my moms ear shot.

"Yeah I should be there soon. What's the plan?"

"I told my mom you and I are still roommates since we were until I dropped out. That alright with you?" I keep my voice down.

"Of coarse. But one of these days you need to stop being a wuss and tell her you know." He replies and I can hear him chuckle in the background.

"Today is not that day."

"Got it. I got to go I'm driving, I'll see you soon," he tells me then hangs up.

"I still need your help in here!" I hear my mom say loudly to me from the kitchen but the the car lights from upfront stop me.

"Dad and Mitch are here!" I yell to her and open the door for my little brother and his friend then stalk into the kitchen. "How did you guys do?" I ask helping my mom again.

"Well we won against Farmington 2-0," Mitch explains grabbing his plate and filling it with food and his friend does the same.

"Michell, your father and I haven't even sat down yet it's rude." My mother scorns him. His friend who has a name I yet have to learn gets nervous and sits frozen waiting while my brother, being the way he is, ignores her input and stuffs his face with the steamy chili.

My phone buzzes once again. I'm guessing it won't be quiet at all tonight because of Rachel, *im bored* the text reads.

*im not here to entertain you Rach.* I reply typing under the table.

"You're a pig Mitch," I scuff as I load my bowl up with my favorite spicy chili and grab two pieces of garlic bread.

He looks up, dramatically whipping his face with a napkin, "oh and your the one to talk Benjamin?" I flinch at the name, knowing that the only person who calls me that is my parents.

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