Chapter 1

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Maggie Linder

I danced around my room as my music played on shuffle. Today was the most important day of my life. After so many years of watching his beautiful face through a screen I finally have the chance to meet him. I finally can see him and speak to him and not through a screen.

"Maggie come on we're gonna be late" My Aunts voice echoed through the house. I unplugged my phone from the charger and turned off my music. I made sure I had everything I would need. Sharpie, phone, phone case, headphones, lip balm, lipgloss, perfume, lotion, my wallet, vlog camera, memory cards and charger. I take a glance at myself in the mirror and sigh. My hair was cut shoulder length with lots of uneven strands at the front. It was damaged from the fire the had happened a few months back. My skin had recovered well but I still saw the faded burn marks. I shake my taking that ugly image out of my mind.
I looked beautiful and today's a happy day and nothing will ever change that.

I run down stairs to my aunts car and see her in the driver seat, waiting impatiently for me.

"Come on Maggie your gonna be late" she yells and I rush into the car.

"I'm sorry, I'm here. Let's go" I say and she drives off.

"What took so long, you were in there for an hour" she says as we turn onto the main rode.

"Same as last time" I sigh staring out the window to the city ahead. I hear her sigh and I know she feels bad. But no one could've stopped what happened. No one. I was finally learning to graft skin over those wounds and I didn't want to open old scars.

"Come on kiddo, remember your getting to meet Shawn today." She says lifting up my mood.

"I know, it still feels unreal but holy moly it's happening. I'm so excited to see him live he's gonna kill it I swear I just know it" I say smiling wide.

"Well I'm glad he makes you happy" she says as we get closer to the arena.

"I can't wait to post the video. I staled with Sia a couple days back when she slept over at their house and she said she showed him a picture of me but she doesn't think he was paying too much attention. But I guess we'll find out" I say excited. My best friend Anastasia was best friends with Shawn's sister. They played on the same hockey team so when ever they would have sleepovers she mention me. Even though I told her not too. When people found out I had a connection to Shawn do to sia being in my YouTube videos a lot. They started "shipping" me and Shawn together. Or at least some did. Others reminded me of how much better he is then me. But oh well they don't know him personally. Not saying I do get the point.
We pulled up to the Rogers arena and I felt my heart beat out of my chest with happiness and excitement.

"Come on kiddo, go quickly. Call me when it's over and I'll come pick you up" she says kissing my cheek. I quickly unbuckle my belt and jump out of the car.

"I will bye auntie Claire. Love you bye" I say running out. I rush to the main doors and quickly get into the line up. It was a really long line but thankfully I had vip. But sadly only q&a. But still an hour with Shawn in a room. That's pretty fucking amazing. I pull out my camera to continue the vlog.

"What's up guys, so I finally made it to the arena and I literally am pooping myself with excitement." I say brining the camera close to my face.

"Like Shawn is just a less then a mile away from me" I say making a scared face. I see a group of girls turn to me and give me a skank look. They look me up and down and laugh as they talk shit. I put my camera down a bit and walk over to them.

"Excuse me, is there a problem?" I ask as I continue to film my camera just low.

"Yea there is, why are you here? Like you do realize that he does not like you right? You always talk about how he's gonna like you and everything in your videos but I mean have you seen yourself?" The girls say and I scoff at them.

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