Ch.1 Saving Strangers

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I'm so light-headed. I need a break.

Without any warning, I choose to stop walking and just face plant into the concrete ground, giving up on life.


I hear my big brother's worried voice. A second later, I feel someone lifting me up and into their arms. My violet/yellow eyes meet with a pair identical to my own.

"A...Atsushi...I'm...starving..." I softly spoke.

My twin just holds me tighter as he sits me down.

"I too."

We sat in silence, listening to the river in front of us.

The sunset was pretty, too bad I'm dying by starvation to enjoy it.

I look toward my twin brother through the corner of my eye. He's paler than usual. I think he's dying faster than me.

"Hey. Atsushi?"


"If you die tomorrow, can I fry you up and eat you?"


"I'll let you eat me if I die first. Deal?"

My brother smiles and lightly chuckles.

I think my joke made him happier a bit. Good.

"What I really want is a bowl of ochzakue." he thinks to himself.

That's his favorite. It's mine too. It's just so good. The umeboshi plums with sliced seaweed with sliced of chicken from last night's supper. Mix it into boiled water with salted kelp and voilà.

"I still remember the last time we snuck some bowls. It was unforgettable."

"Yeah..." I agreed.

The sound of Atsushi's stomach fills both our ears. It sounds like it's trying to eat itself. Suddenly out of nowhere, he found a new determination. He clutches his fist as he springs to his feet, causing me to fall on my side.

"That's it! If we're going to live, we need to steal! I'm jumping the next passerby to come along and taking everything they have!"

"You, steal? ...I got to see this."

A sound of an engine came roaring down the road. He quickly turns around to find a person on a motorcycle zoom by.

 He quickly turns around to find a person on a motorcycle zoom by

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Atsushi twitches his eyebrow as he makes an excuse.

"There's no way I could catch up to someone on a motorcycle on foot. That's impossible."

He reopens his eyes to watch as a bunch of soldiers jog by in immaculate formation.

"I-I doubt soldiers would be carrying their wallets while jogging. Next!"

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