Cottage of Timidity

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There's a cottage in the woods just near Frowntown, and a witch lives there. Me and my friend Brock found ourselves visiting when we got lost on a camping trip, looking for a place to put our tents up. It was just me and Brock because with our new roommate Imogen living with us now, we wanted some time to ourselves. It was a pretty modest little house that was sort of hidden behind the trees and shrouded in the shade. The walls were purple, and so was the roof. It was pretty dark out here, so when Brock saw the purple mist billowing from the chimney, I knew his first suggestion was to go and see if anyone would let us spend the night there.

We knocked on the door, and the witch introduced herself as Timidity and held her hand out for a nice, firm handshake. I introduced myself as Master Frown (the greatest Doom Lord EVER!), but Brock was stuttering. I happened to look at him and saw that he was in a daze. 

He gave her the handshake with sweaty palms, which she noticed, and she went to grab him a napkin. I don't even know how Brock gets easily excited by this stuff. He's practically almost an adult, but he still acts like a little kid. He told me this girl was kinda cool when I asked for a word with him, but he told me that when he was blushing. 

We asked for a cup of tea, and Timidity made us chai. When she brought it back was when Brock tried to be smooth. He asked for a little bit about herself, and she said she did magic. Hesitantly, because she said she didn't want to show off, she took her pink wand and levitated a book. Compared to Imogen, she was actually pretty good. Brock whispered this to me, but she heard it and had no response to give. 

Apparently, she knows Imogen.

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