The "J's"

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     Jeremy squinted. He was up late writing a third letter to Michael. It was now...... What time was it? He looked at his phone. 9:30. At least it was Saturday. His phone was blowing up with texts and missed calls from Michael. Jeremy chuckled to himself and called Michael.

      "Ok you finally picked up" Michael said from the other line "I've gotten two letters from a guy named "J" and apparently he loves me"

        Jeremy blushed "Y- yeah?"

        "Yeah... And he goes to our  school... There are 4 people who have a name that starts with J. Jason Dean, you, John Hall, and Jane Honda. " (these are made up, except for JD)


         "And I don't know how to tell them I have a crush on a another, "J""

         "come over ? "

          "sure!" Michael hung up

          It still could be Jeremy. Just maybe

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