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Luminescent Pack

"Yes, your majesty. We will notify you upon sight."

Alpha Seamus of Luminescent Pack was known to be loyal and protective of his pack and all those around them. When word of the created hellhounds reached his ears, look-outs and guards were posted at the borders. Now, the present king calling him to notify them of the hellhounds meant they were needed somehow. Over the past few hours, all supernaturals have been uneasy. Not because of the royal family's announcement back into the world but of something else. Something unholy.

"Get the medic and twelve of our best men. The hounds are ten miles west of here. His Majesty assured us that they will come easily but as a precaution, be on guard," he said to his Beta.

He nodded and went about his duties. Seamus then ran quickly up to his quarters where the scent of cinnamon and berries assaulted him. "My love. What are you doing up?" he asked of the red-haired beauty he calls wife and mate.

"Sean woke up and was restless," she answered watching him strip out of his jeans and t-shirt and into tactical gear with the pack's insignia on his right arm. His mate spoke of their eight-year-old son, the future alpha. A bright one and very intuned with the spirits.

"The king. Well, the queen has pinpointed the hounds. He also told us of possible attacks by feral wolves. A pack was already attacked but they survived. They were prepared,"

"And so are we. The protocols are set and the tunnels are in full function," Liza answered assuring her mate. He's a worrier. He hates to leave her, no matter how well she was trained.

"I know. I will be back. I promise," he said pulling her into his arms.

"You always do. Now go tell Sean you're leaving. He's probably reading over the History of Supernatural Royals," she said chuckling. Seamus gave her a goodbye kiss before walking down to his son's room. Knocking gently, he entered after he was permitted.

"Hey, dad. Going on patrol?" Sean asked eyeing the pack's uniform.

"Not tonight. I'm going to pick up a package of some sort for the king," Seamus said.

"The new king? Did he call you? Or did he mind-link you? Did you know that is one of the most common gifts all Royals share? It helps them be closer to their people," his son asked excitedly.

"No, he called. I won't be far. Ten miles out. I will still be in range for you to call on me,"

Sean nodded and gave his father a hug. "Hurry back home. Mother is angry," he said with a confused expression.

"Yes. I felt it. His Majesty warned us of any attacks. You remember what I taught you," Seamus asked brushing the auburn hair away from his son's face.

"Yup. Everything. Just be careful."

"I will. I know its hard but try to get some sleep," he said placing a kiss on Sean's forehead. His son nodded and watched him leave.

Taking the back stairs down to the kitchen and out the back door, his Beta was already there along with the waiting vehicles.

"This is a search and rescue. When you approach these two, clearly state this sentence, 'Cerberus One has passed the gates of hell.' These are created hellhounds trained to kill, we were given orders by the king to only subdue and keep safe. Do not kill. Any unwanted force taken upon them, he will know. Worst yet. The Queen," Seamus said clearly.

The men nodded and loaded up. The Beta was in the first black military grade range rover. Two followed it, then the customized medic van. The alpha in the last rover, keeping track for any surprises.

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