Fade - Chapter 3

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Ciel hadn't thought of the fact that demons could have nightmares... he hoped such a mundane thing would be abolished along with his mortal body... oh, how unture that had been.

His gasps and screams fill the empty space as he wakes from his terror, feeling all too human. His wild eyes frantically scan the room for any sign of danger, and when he finds none, he heaves a sigh of relief; his trembling hands gripping at his own hair falling around his eyes - squeezed shut.

Sebastian's footsteps echo about the halls as the doorknob to Ciel's room opens.

"You know, Ciel... you don't need sleep."

Ciel knows full well that rest is irrelevant in his current state, yet the comfort of what he'd been used to for so long is etched into his brain as deeply as his cold heart. Sebastian inches closer to the bed, and Ciel's shaking body shies away from the butler. He sits next to him on the lavish bed, his concerned gaze scanning the boy.

Ciel's dream had been about him... his crimson eyes turning to black as he killed everyone the boy had ever loved. Sebastian sent his parents up in flame, brutally murdered Madam Red after declaring to him that he should have never been born - should have never formed a contract with him - before eating his aching soul without a second thought.

Sebastian's gaze softens as he sees the terrified look upon his master's face. Ciel winces as a finger brushes along his chin.

"Your dream was about me, no?"

Ciel nods, a silent tear quickly dancing along his cold and tired cheek.

"Ciel, you do know I'd never hurt you... I simply wouldn't be able to."

"I know that, Sebastion... but I can't help my ridiculous human nature."

Ciel bows his head, shame invading his body language. There is a puase, then a whisper,

"Will you be alright, Ciel?"

"In the short run, I suppose I will be."

He lays his head back down, turning away from Sebastian...

but Sebastian sees the boy's trembling shoulders... he hears the faint sniffing and rustling of sheets beneath the boy.

Sebastian knows Ciel is weeping as he turns and quietly takes his leave.

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