Laws of Siblinghood (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: Bibliophile005

Cover: 10/10

Love it. In my opinion, it's a perfect fit. I love the different fonts you tried out. The picture used is just the perfect one to be used.

Description/Summary: 6½/10

Honestly, I really don't want to sound harsh but the description/summary needs a lot of work. It looks like you're telling someone (like a kid?i hope that wasn't harsh) about the book. A description/summary needs to give the readers an insight on the book but also should conceal some information in other to bring about curiosity in the minds of the readers.I wouldn't say your current description/summary isn't good. It is. The only issue o have with it is that it gave off too much information that it even ended being disorganized. The grammar seems a bit off in some places. The vocabulary is just perfect. Even after all the harsh things I said about it, I can see that it gave off a lot promises that the book would be really interesting and full of drama. I'm really curious to see how it turns out.

Chapter Review: 10/10

The book is really interesting and the description/summary literally didn't do justice to how good it is. I really loved the part where Zack gave a speech at his dad's wedding. It was really a heartfelt speech and I must admit, it brought me to tears. I also love the part where Zack's dad 'accidentally' cut the microphone. I really wish I could do that.

The only issue I have with this book which is literally not a real issue, is that I can't find any fault. The grammar and spellings are on point. Vocabulary used was just perfect. Organization, on check. Use of punctuation, on point.

Activity of the Writer: 10/10

The writer replied to all her comments and messages on her comment box as well as her conversation board.

Plot: 10/10

I believe I've said everything there is to say in the chapters review sub-heading. The book is really interesting and very creative. I love Zack and I feel like killing Audrey may be not a slow painful one just an instant one. I love Collins. He sure reminds me of someone that loves to irritate someone. *wink*I really can't wait to see what happens next. How would the book signing thingy go? Would Mr handsome find true love? How's Skylar going to ask Ray out? Well if anyone is curious to know what I'm talking about, just read the book. It would be worth it. So, I highly recommend this book to all wattpaders.

Overall Advice:

I'll advice that you edit your description/summary. Take note of the grammatical errors. Also, be sure to rewrite the description/summary taking note of all the things I pointed out earlier on.Finally, end my curiosity and complete the book.

That all aside, I rate this book a 10/10.

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