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Maddie: Jack??

Me: yeah?

Maddie: I............I love you


Me: I love you too Maddie.

Maddie: really? You know Jack every boy I dated they used me to either get to Brittney or my body. Thank you for not.

Me: no problem babygirl (ew I read that and it was cringe it was weird)

I then kissed her. It wasn't like any other kiss. It was like it meant something. I pulled away and smile at her.

She was told not to be moving a lot.

Me: Maddie can you eat something...

Maddie: Jack I'm just not hungry.

Me: Maddie......

Maddie: I'm sorry.

Me: it's ok.

Maddie: did I change you?

Me: what?

Maddie: did I change you?

Me: yes. I normally never fail. But I did when it came to you.

Maddie: you really mean it when you said that you loved me?

Me: yes I really do.

Maddie: I want to go to the mall.

Me: but they said.....

Maddie: I don't care what they say.

Me: ok get ready.

Maddie p.o.v

I got out if bed and got some clothes. I was wearing a syre hoodie and so was Jack. I wore blue ripped jeans. And Jack wore black jeans.

Me: hey Jack were twining.

Jack: ha. I didn't even notice that.

We then got in the car. We went to Starbucks, Jack paid even though I didn't want him to. I wanted to pay.

We were walking in the mall when I felt eyes on me. I looked up at Jack to see that he wasn't looking at me. I turned around and saw 3 boys staring me down.

Me: Jack??

Jack: yeah?

Me: the 3 boys behind us keep on looking me up and down.

Jack: well maybe if they knew you were mine......

Then he went down to kiss me. I looked back to see the boys looking at Jack weird.

Me: can we go in there.

Jack: yeah.

We walked in the store and the boys following me came to. Jack went to the bathroom. So it was just me.

Boy#1: hey I'm Andrew

Boy#2: and I'm Ashton

Boy#3: I'm Colby

Andrew: who was that boy that was with you.

Me: why do you want to know?

Ashton: because he can!!

I flinched at him yelling.

I saw Jack walk in.

Colby then grabbed me then pulled me down. I saw Jack walk over here and a while fight broke out with Colby and Jack.

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