Le bonheur de vivre (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: dwionysus

Cover: 7/10

Love the picture but I'm certain that this is not the perfect fit for this book. I guess maybe it's because there's no text. So, I think a text on the book cover would be a really great idea. It should include your book name, your name or username and then a new picture.

Description/Summary: 1/10

I'm sorry if this seems a little bit too harsh but in my perspective, it's too short and can't be regarded as a description. Anyways, with the one sentence description/summary you gave, I can tell that the book is written about a girl and that was a little briefing of her.For a story, the description/summary is a vital part because it helps attract readers. It gives them a little insight on what the book is going to be about but also makes them curious to know more.

Chapter Review: 7/10

The book is quite interesting. The description you gave for each and everything is just perfect and vivid but sometimes they seem a little bit too much. The whole location, date and time is a bit confusing. I mean why is that the only place it was used in the full book. I noticed that you, the writer tend to start your sentences with small letters. This can be observed throughout your book and specifically on your first chapter. The vocabulary used is actually really good but I guess at some point, it gave you a little tough time. I noticed some places that were totally off and needed editing.

Those words or sentences that you normally place in a bracket, I think it would be more appropriate if you italicize them. The organization of your work is really lacking. In short, your paragraphing needs a little work in some places and in some other places, the dialogues needs a little brushing-up. I also noticed some punctuation misuse. For instance, there's a place you're supposed to use an exclamation mark but you used a comma.

Activity of the Writer: 2½/10

The writer didn't reply to any of the comments in the comment box but replied to a few messages on the conversation board.

Plot: 8/10

The book is quite interesting and definitely creative. It needs to be edited and once that's done, I'm sure this book would be really perfect. I've always had issues reading books that are in third person or authors POV but surprisingly, I actually enjoyed reading this book.

Overall Advice:

I advice that you work on your cover. Change the picture or maybe edit it a bit. Add the title of the book as well as your name or username. Also, you really need to add a description/summary. Like I said earlier on, the description/summary is one of the most important part of a book.Finally, I'd advice that you edit the whole book. Take note of all the things I pointed out.

That all aside, I'll rate this book a 7/10.

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