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Natashya's pov,

I woke up with hands around me. I recognize this cologne. I refreshed my mind and I realize about what happened last night.

I just confessed my feelings to Calum and now we're boyfriend and girlfriend.

I looked up to him. He's sleeping like a baby. I smiled.

I slowly pulled away his arms around me and got away from him. It's already 8.30 am. I'm late. Oh shit.

I hope the boys in the kitchen now. So, they won't see me out from here.

"Calum...wake up" I pat his chubby cheek. He pushed my hand.

"Wake up now" I groaned. He rubbed his eyes and looked at me.

"Still early" he pulled me over him and hugged me.
"Nope. We're late 30 minutes. You have to get off the bed before the boys noticed that we're sleeping in the same fucking room" I shook my head.

"Fine" he rolled his eyes. Calum pecked my lips.

He lets me go and I went to the door.
"Don't sleep again. Go take a shower" I held the doorknob. He smiled at me.

I walked out from Calum's room and I hit someone's chest. I looked up and his blue eyes met mine.


"What are you doing in Calum's room?" He asked me. I dumbfounded stood there.

"Ermm...oh I just woke him up. He's the last one to wake up now" I crossed my arms. I'm confidently said.

"Oh really?" He looked at me from head to toe and knitted his eyebrows.

I walked pass him.

"Hold on. What are you wearing? It looks familiar" Luke held my shoulder.

I just realized, I'm wearing Calum's hoodie last night. Ahh fuck. Then, I heard the click on the door. I turned around.

Calum appeared from the door with his sleepy face.

"What's going on here?" He looked at Luke.
"Nothing just something looks familiar on her" Luke looked at Calum.

"You means the hoodie?" Calum raised his right eyebrow. Luke nodded.
"Dude, that hoodie have millions in this world. Everyone can have it. What's the matter?" Calum rolled his eyes.

"Hmmm I guess you're right" Luke slowly nodded. I breath of reliefs. He did believe it.

Then, I walked to my room and let Calum with Luke there. I didn't wanna say anything at all.

"I'm sorry, I'm too tired last night and woke up a little bit late. So, I don't prepare you guys breakfast" I looked at them. Totally my fault.

"Oh,you're hanging out with your boyfriend huh? I knew that's a guy" Michael took the milk and a bowl.

"What guy?"
"The one who always came here to pick you up" Michael put the cereal after the milk.

"Eeuuuww who did that?" Calum looked at Michael's bowl.
"This?" Michael looked at Calum.

"Yeah, who put the cereal after the milk? You should put the cereal then the milk. Duhh?" Calum shook his head.

"I did that" Michael rolled his eyes.
"You're fucking weirdo" Luke laughed.

"I'm not the only one. You microwaved the egg and ate the fries with a fork!" Michael yelled.
"Oh God weirdos, stop yelling" Ashton groaned.

They're still kiddos.

"You don't want to eat?" Calum talked to me when they're arguing who is the weirdo.

"Nahh, I only took the toast bread" I smiled.
"Stop flirting with me" Calum groaned.

"Flirting? Dude, I just smiled"
"Nope you're flirting" he chuckled.

"Okay,all of you are weirdos" I playfully rolled my eyes and walked out from there.
I heard Calum laughed on me.

For your information,we did keep our relationships as private. Every night after I checked on Ashton,Michael and Luke if they slept,I went to Calum's room.

Every night we're sleeping in the same room. Get cuddles,kisses. But on the early morning, we have to wake up earlier to avoid from his bandmates.

I did treat Calum like the way I treat him before we confessed. He never mind at all but every time we did the exercises and jogged around the park,he will stay at the back with me.

I didn't want too because what if his bandmates noticed that Calum is being different this past few weeks.

I try so hard to avoid him but I never can do it. He kept chasing me.

What can I do to make him stop?
My answer just 'nothing'.

I miss 5sos and update: Calum is alive guysss even they're on holiday,he still put on 5sos bomber jacket 😂 this boi just so soft.

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