C H A P T E R 3 2

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C H A P T E R 3 2



I can't breathe.

I can't breathe.

I can't brea -

"Quinn, we're here," Kaiden knocks me out of my panicked state, grabbing onto my hand. His eyes search mine, search my soul. His eyes portray his emotion so easily. He's been the same since he first found out - after he heard me scream - worried. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

My throat feels so dry. My eyes burn from crying. My hands won't stop shaking. I'm not fine, not in the slightest. Five hours, I discovered my mother was involved in a serious car accident. Five hours, I found out my mother was on the brink of death. How could anyone be fine after finding out that?

Instead, I nod my head and open the car door. A small, cold breeze blows past us, causing strands of my dark hair to fall into my face. I faintly hear Kaiden open the car door and speed walk over to me. He takes my hand again and walks with me to the hospital doors. Nurses rush past us, some chatter to each other and some are working. Tiredness is evident on their faces. 

The woman at the front desk notices us approaching and plasters a smile on her face. Through my teary eyes, I notice how she glances at Kaiden curiously, sensing his authoritative aura. Humans must feel utterly confused when they see him. 

"Hello, we're looking for Julia Michael," Kaiden says, calmly whilst I cling to him. Her eyes floated to me and then back to Kaiden.

"Are you her family?" She asks suspiciously. Irritation floods through me at her question. I'm her daughter! I just want to see her. 

"I'm her daughter," I step in, narrowing my eyes at her. She visibly gulps and smiles sheepishly. 

"D-do you have any I.D to prove this?" She stutters, shrinking under my harsh stare. I hate that she's delaying me from seeing my mother. My eyes drift to her name badge and back up to her blue eyes. 

"Karen, I want to see my mom. She is seriously injured and every minute I waste here means less time for me to see her." I tell her, in a low voice. Kaiden says nothing beside me, knowing how desperate I am. 

As soon as I screamed, he raced into the room. His sense was on high alert so when he saw me, crying on the floor in front of the TV, he was surprised. It took me five minutes to form a coherent sentence. Isabelle had to fill in for me. 

Kaiden held me until I settled down, whispering calming words into my ear. After I calmed down, he said we could visit the hospital if I wanted to. I agreed without hesitation. 

And that's how we ended up driving to the local hospital where my mother was rushed of too. Aidan was left in charge of the pack whilst Raphael stayed with our guests - Alpha Anthony and Luna Melanie. I had forgotten they were here.  Guilt washed over me - I was too busy focusing on my own problems to think about others. 

Sky offered to join us but I  declined and told her to stay with Isabelle and Theodore. 

"O-okay," Karen - the slightly scared receptionist - stammers and types something on the computer. Impatiently I wait for her to give me the information. Kaiden pulls me into his side more, whilst drawing patterings on my hand. "Ms. Julia Michael is staying in the emergency room which is on the floor. Follow the green arrows to your left, it will lead you to the room." 

"Thanks," I meekly smile, gratefully. 

Kaiden and I walk down the hospital corridor. I try and block out the stench of disinfectant and the cries of visiting relatives. The last time I was in a hospital was when I woke up after getting bitten. It all seems so long ago when in reality, it was just over two months ago. The scar on my leg, from where I was bitten, is a physical reminder of when I arrived here, alone and terrified. 

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