Chapter 5: Hyunjin

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this chapter is very...bloody. if you're not comfortable, just skip it but if you want to know what's happening to human hyunjin then ok

this is worse than part one's prologue (in my own opinion)

He is losing his mind. He keeps on having hallucinations and those just turned him aggressive– he was able to pull himself out the rope tied around him 2 months ago.

His nails got longer and of course, his hair. It's like his soul got separated from his body so his ghoul's and his body act different from each other. If ghoul Hyunjin cuts his hair, that doesn't apply to the human one.

The hallucinations that he is having are out of the world. Someone would just suddenly appear and hammer his fingers one by one. He'd feel them but it's not real. It's just pure torture.

He hears everything that his ghoul does but he can't see. He drained his eyes out for a week within the first month. That's another reason why Jinwoo and his ghoul had to hide.

The ghoul just kept on having tears on his face when he's not actually sad. Hyunjin within can't stop crying so for their sake, he pushed himself within that one week and he succeeded.

"Ya..." he tried to speak but he is so drained. The torture doesn't let him breathe for an hour. Before the hour ends, a hallucination will come. "Ghoul..."

His voice just came out as a whisper. He tried to get his ghoul's attention even though he knows that he won't be able to. It's just not possible. This is a punishment and having his body's auditory perception was intended for more emotional impact.

The ghoul of his went out of the window and he heard it. He closed his eyes– trying to imagine what his ghoul is doing.

He feels the pace. His ghoul is running so fast for some reason and before he could even hear his ghoul grab a victim, the hallucination started.

The chair is gone and he's standing in the middle of a deserted forest. His left ankle has a cuff and there's a chain attached to it but he doesn't know where's the end of it.

Slowly, he tried to walk. This is a different hallucination. In 3 months, all he experienced was tortures while he sits on the wooden chair. It's actually his first time walking in 3 months so he's not sure if he should feel euphoric or keep being afraid.

The chain is loud. It makes an awful noise each time he takes a step. His ankles are bleeding– even the one without a cuff. He can barely walk but he's striving.

He tried to take another step but turns out that it's already the end of his chain. His ankle snapped was snapped– leaving his leg and he fell down, screaming in pain.

He can feel the blood coming out of his leg and it just won't go numb. His screams echoed in the forest and that's the last thing he heard before his ears went blank. All he can hear now is ringing– a tumultuous one. Still, he kept screaming. He kept trying to hear his voice but nothing comes out.

A man started walking towards him. He could see the man through his blurry eyes. Due to the amount of blood he's losing, he's starting to lose consciousness as well.

He keeps screaming but he still can't hear his own voice.

The man crouched down and it's his uncle– his uncle in Las Vegas that doesn't have anything to do with all this drama at all.

"U-Uncle..." he thought that he was just whispering but the truth is, he screamed while calling his uncle.

His uncle gave him a warm smile that made him tear up with no limits. He let it all out now and his ghoul has tears running down his face again.

"Goodbye..." Was what Hyunjin's uncle said and he was able to read his lips– making him scream even more. His throat already hurts but he can't stop.

Another man appeared behind his uncle but he couldn't see the face. The man is tall and Hyunjin can't bear to turn himself just to see who it is.

He only knows that the man's holding an axe and he could already feel what's about to happen before him.

"No...No– NO!" He continuously screamed but his uncle just smiled, shaking his head.

Hyunjin's uncle moved closer to plant a kiss on his forehead and as soon as the man's lips touches the younger's skin, his head flew off his body to the ravenette's side. The blood showered Hyunjin's face and since he was screaming when that happened– blood entered his mouth.

It tasted bitter to him. His ghoul really left his body that he started throwing up on his uncle's body. The ground's filled with blood and just when he thought it's over, the scene started changing again.

The ground turned into an ocean and he started to fall deeper and deeper. He wants to let out more screams– not just because he's drowning, but also because his leg stings like hell since it's being cleaned by the salt water.

Once blue, now it turned red. The ocean became blood and everyone Hyunjin knew in his life started to show up around him– even those that he doesn't even know much or he just passed by on the streets.

They are pulling them down deeper and he can't breathe anymore. Some are even pulling on the leg with a missing ankle and some are stabbing him in all body parts with a knife.

He closed his eyes, knowing that it will stop eventually.

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