"Eli, go!"

"No way bro!" He said as he turned his attention back to Tessa.

I pushed him to the side and began to walk with her "I apologize about him, somebody let him...out of his cage." I said glaring at him again.

She laughed "It's fine, he an my sister are pretty much the same when it comes to meeting people I know."

I shook my head in frustration. As we walked into the hall my mother came running towards us, as quickly as someone in heels could run.

"Oh Tessa, you look absolutely gorgeous." She said giving her a hug.

"Well thank you, I appreciate that."

"May I?" Asked my mom as she escorted Tessa over to meet the guests, I nodded.

"Hey bro, we have a situation." Eli said in a hushed tone.

We walked to the side of the room "What is it?"

"Da-Robert is here...and he is fighting with the security. I think he's been drinking..." I looked up an out the doors as I heard a familiar loud voice yelling from down the hall.

Eli turned around startled as he recognized the voice as well.

"Natalia! Natalia!" His voice called out.

"Mr. Piercy! You can't be here!" two men said, the security in the room.

They ran up towards Robert to try an restrain him, they failed to do so as he pushed one and punched the other.

I ran over to my mom and Tessa "We need to get you out of here." I said to my mom.

"What? No! What is goin-oh my god." she said, fear in her voice. I watched as he walked up towards us, he looked a mess.

His normally blue eyes were blood shot, his normally combed back hair was a mess and he reeked of alcohol.

"Get out of here Robert!" yelled my mom, Eli ran up and blocked our mom with his body.

The guests watched in shock and horror at the sight of a dysfunctional family.

"Get out of here dad! You need to leave!" Eli yelled, I watched as the security men radioed for more.

Tessa stared in fright at the sight of mine and Eli's messed up father.

I covered Tessa with my body as he got close to the four of us. "You...you're a son of a bitch I hope you know that." He said to me as he poked me in the chest.

I said nothing to him

"Oh who's this, she another one of your slam pieces Nick? You know you're just going to hook up with her once an then drop her like all of the other women? I hope you know miss, that he isn't faithful." He said as he began to slightly slur his words.

Tessa gasped and looked at us in shock.

"Don't listen to him. Please don't listen to him." I said to her as I continued to block her from him.

"Says the man who hasn't been faithful to his wife an sons for more than two years." I yelled.

"Watch it Nicolai!" He said poking me in the chest again.

"Get out!" I ordered.

"Leave Robert!" My mom ordered.

He looked from her to me.

"You know what...Nick go ahead, pretend to be the big hero of this family.

But we all know that by tomorrow you'll be back to partying your life away, getting with random girls, and drinking away all your problems." He yelled at me as he tilted from side to side.

I watched as security began to approach.

"Well, there's one thing. I'm not you!" I said as I bunched my hand in a fist and slammed it into his jaw.

I heard the sound of cracking as my knuckles collided with his jaw line.

He fell to the ground and screamed out in pain.

"Get him out of here!" I ordered to the security. They reluctantly nodded.

I turned around to look at my family and Tessa, my mom pulled me into her arms and cried out "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much." she said rubbing my head and kissing my forehead.

As we pulled apart from our embrace I looked around the room as people whispered, some looked horrified while others looked for some odd reason, impressed.

My eyes immediately shot over to look at Tessa. "I'm so sorry you had to witness that. It wasn't my-"

Her lips quickly pressed up against mine as she shut me up, her hands cupping my face. When we separated she leaned her forehead against mine,

"You have nothing to be sorry about. Remember?" She said holding both of my hands, our head still together.

I laughed "You're right." I said touching the side of her cheek and looking at her brown eyes.

"I have to say...you proved me wrong Mr. Piercy." She said placing her hands on her hips and smirking. I laughed

"Oh yeah, about what?"

"About who you actually are."

"Who am I?"

"You are a kind, honest, man.

Who makes mistakes, but in time learns from them.

You're a guy who would clearly stand up for his family, no matter when or where and you're the guy I wished I could've met that first night." she said smirking still.

"Well...you might not have met that guy that first night at the bar...but he IS standing right in front of you now. And he wants to meet you now too." I said as I rubbed my thumb in the palm of her hand.

She smiled slightly "The only question is, do you want to meet him too?" I said with a sly smile.


I thought about it, he was sweet, beautiful, in some ways he was intense, dangerous, sensual, and kind. How could I not want to.


I tilted my head and then smiled.

"Of course." I said wrapping my arms around his waist.



He was warm, his arms were tight around me, he felt safe.

I felt safe.

I didn't care in that moment that we had only known each other for a few weeks, or that we had hated each other at first.

I cared about here an now with him.

The rest I would figure out later.

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