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The morning of the field trip, Nicole had felt a really bad feeling in her stomach as though something was going to happen

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The morning of the field trip, Nicole had felt a really bad feeling in her stomach as though something was going to happen. And as it turned out it did. Cindy Moon and Peter both got bitten by something (no one knew what) and both had to be taken to the hospital, cutting the field trip short there and then.

Sitting on her bed, she quickly sent Peter a text.

From: Nicole
To: Peter
Hey Pete, just checking into see whether you're feeling okay.
Lemme know if I can do anything for u

A few minutes later, her phone buzzed to indicate the arrival of a text.

From: Peter
To: Nicole
Hey Nic, I'm feeling much better. Thanks for asking
And I'll let u know for sure.

From: Nicole
To: Peter
See you in school tomorrow xx

Nicole tossed her phone on her bed before she picked up her laptop and opened up her blog, bringing up the draft of her next post she had been writing.

She started typing whatever idea came to her just like she always did. It was a normal thing for her; it was a big part of her routine but soon enough that would change.

It would start with the arrival of the new Spider vigilante in New York.

Nicole first learned of the Spider vigilante when Gwen sent her a text with a video attached to it. She clicked on it, thinking it to be just another one of those videos Gwen usually shares but as it turned out, it was a video of a guy climbing walls like a spider and stopping a car from crashing into a bus with his bare hands.

Then a few days later, another video of him surfaced on the Internet, just swinging by and stopping a robber. Whoever this new hero/vigilante was, he was the newest fascination of the Internet.

Everyone in school talked about him. As Nicole would walk past people in the corridor, that's all she would hear. The Spider vigilante and how he saved people from this, or how he prevented a robbery.

It was the end of the school and and Nicole was walking towards the coding club room. When she entered the room, she found her fellow members all huddled together, peering over a screen.

"Hey Nicole," Brandon called. "You gotta See this." Nicole carefully kept her bag on the nearest chair before making her way to the group. The screen was opened up to a new site and there was a new video of the Spider guy, just swinging around and casually disarming robbers during their attempt to rob a bank.

"Dude, that's so cool!" Jonah exclaimed as the Spider vigilante landed a punch on one of the robbers, sending him flying into the wall. "Look at how he punched the guy."

Luna was making a face while Carrie was making heart eyes at the video. With a frown, Luna said, "How long are we supposed to watch this? You do realize we have the big hackathon coming up, right?"

"Exactly," Nicole nodded. Ignoring the protests, she grabbed the laptop from the people and closed it. "We need to concentrate on our work, not some stupid vigilante dude."

"Nicole's right," Luna stated. "We better win this thing and keep our winning streak going; if it breaks, it's not gonna look good on us."

"But," Jonah opened his mouth to protest but immediately closed it, seeing the look on Luna and Nicole's faces. "Okay, fine."

"Now let's get started then," Nicole clapped her hands together and went to grab her laptop from the chair. Everyone took their respective places with their laptops out on the tables and they started clicking away.

The coding club of Midtown High was at work and once all five of them started working together, they could probably hack into anywhere.

Even Stark Industries. Probably.

That's how good they were.

This turned out to be such a meh chapter. Essentially, this is a filler chapter and showcase one of Nicole's hobbies which is coding. Now I'm no coder so all my knowledge comes from google and all the computer class I took in school. And it's short but it's a filler so I'm not feeling that bad about that.

As for the members of the coding club, they're listed below. Only Luna Taylor is casted since she appears in my Ned Leeds fic, titled 'Fanfiction'; you should totally check it out. Maybe you can drop some faceclaim suggestions for the remaining three; all of them should look like they're high school students

Luna Taylor - Sarah Jeffery
Brandon Stone
Jonah Caldwell
Carrie Michaels

Anyways let me know what you thought of this chapter in the comments below!

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