Chapter 83

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Viktor's gaze quickly traveled over Nicolae in a dismissive way, almost immediately turning to seek me out. Our eyes connected and I saw a spark go off behind his, them flaring red at the emotion of seeing me; his red eyes zeroing in on the evidence of my pregnancy. Though my bump was still small, he could clearly see it; hundreds of years of having me memorized would make the most subtle of changes obvious. I could see him angle his head just so, as he listened to the obvious heart beat, emanating from the growing baby. His eyes traveled back up to meet mine, as he took another step inside the door; such a weighted look of lust for power and satisfaction, as I had never seen on him before, flamed in his eyes. I remained impassive under his heavy gaze, his mind consumed with me entirely; like he was in a tunnel, seeing only me, completely absorbed with the image in his mind that he had been waiting for, for hundreds and hundreds of years. Almost subconsciously, my left hand slid over the bump on my stomach in a protective gesture; my heart rate going up a little under his gaze.

He took it all in and the smallest smile of delight pulled at his mouth, as he slowly approached me; his eyes still fixed on me with that look. I swallowed and stepped forward to meet him, lowering my gaze and curtsying, whispering, "Master." I raised my eyes back up to his scarlet ones, looking at him through my lashes, while my face was still aimed toward the floor. He stopped right in front of me and reached down to grab my jaw and raise my face, looking at me with his smirk of pleasure. "My Bloody Queen," he whispered, bending down to kiss my red lips, his other hand slipping around the small of my back, to pull me up against him. And suddenly, my fear was gone; being replaced by a hunger. A hunger to be free of him but to also show him exactly how deep the betrayal went, before I broke him. I slid a hand up his neck and pulled him more to me, as I kissed him back with a fervor; working him up to distraction, before it would all come crashing down.

He responded and held me tighter to him, kissing me deeper, consumed with his lust; for power, for his brood, for me at his side and in his bed. But I was the one in charge now, he just didn't know it; he was already under the spell I was weaving. He kissed me longer than what would have been polite for any amount of company and slowly released me, to look down into my eyes that had flamed red. His satisfied smirk glowered at me, dripping with the lust of his power plays on the underworld. His eyes again traveled the length of me, resting on my pregnancy; his mind showing just how pleased he was and his absolute certainty that the child was his. And for the first time in the centuries that I had known him, he knelt before me, focused on the child within me. His hands framed my hips as he looked between them, at his supposed child. His hands sliding over just enough, so he could caress the bump with his thumbs. His eyes met mine, still glowing red, before looking back down.

My hands went into his dark hair, almost like I was embracing a lover and I gently pulled his ear there, to take a good listen at what he thought was his. My eyes lifted, still red, to meet Nicolae's. I saw guarded reassurance; a knowing look, as he listened in on my mind that was working his maker up, before it came crashing down around him. The sadism Viktor had taught me, brought out and honed inside of me, had been turned back on him and the evilest smirk captured my features, as my eyes flashed; the brothers catching it all. My eyes shot to one side of me and then the other, as I caught Drogo and Peter's eyes, returning to Nicolae's. I had made them promise to not interfere, unless they were absolutely needed; this kill was going to be mine. Nicolae's confidence in my methods had reassured the other two brothers but I could feel Drogo was struggling, as he watched the person he hated most in the world embracing me; the one he loved most in the world, who carried their baby. Even having Viktor so close to me and the baby was a struggle for them all, but it would soon be over.

I could hear Viktor reveling in his supposed victory; his plans for world dominance coming to fruition in my womb. I raked my fingers through his hair, still wearing my smile that said I was about to end him. My look melted into a one of affection, as he turned his face up to mine; affection for the knowledge that I was about to kill him, that he happily interpreted as genuine affection for him. "You're pleased," I whispered, through a smile, while I continued to play with his hair. "Ahh, my Bloody Queen, I couldn't be more pleased. I should be furious, because you have obviously been keeping this from me for some time," he finished in a dark tone. My smirk deepened, like I was pleasured at his words. "Perhaps if you had told me it was even possible, it wouldn't have taken so long to figure it out. Besides, I needed to finish here, Viktor, and I am safe here, not being on anyone's radar. I was always going to tell you, after I was finished. I wouldn't want you to worry," I smiled at him, caressing his face and brushing his hair back, like he was one of the brothers who I loved.

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