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The next day came with something no one had ever thought would happen. It was as Seulgi and Harold were eating breakfast, that on the radio the sentence was said. The sentence that would change a million lives. Including Seulgi's and Harold's.

"England," the grainy voice came, in such a serious tone that both Seulgi and Harold stopped eating. "Is at war with Germany,"

Seulgi dropped her toast, her face suddenly frozen in a shocked expression. Harold dropped his cup of tea with a sharp intake of breath. The maid dropped the tea pot.

"Oh dear god," Harold said slowly, putting his hand on the radio and staring at it as if it could see him. He ran a hand through the little hair he had left and turned to look at Seulgi. She met his eye and, surprisingly to them both, they shared a look of fear.

"I must go tell the staff," Wendy said, moving from her position by the door. Seulgi watched her stumble out the room, and let out a shaky breath.

"Oh my," Seulgi said. "I cannot believe it," She felt panic and adrenaline rushing through her veins. She stood up suddenly, causing the cups on the table to fall over. "Oh dear god! What are we to do! We shall all be murdered! The whole country shall be slaughtered! Oh my, oh my god, the country shall burn-"

"Seulgi," Harold said loudly, standing up also. "Stop panicking you silly woman and listen to me! Those Germans have nothing compared to us- the soldiers will do the fighting, you shall be fine. Especially as you are a lady. Now stop being a fool and go to your fathers house. They do not have a radio, so you will tell them the news,"

Seulgi just nodded and dashed down the stairs. She saw Wendy near the exit.

"Wendy! Come with me to my Father's house. We must tell them the news," she said and grabbed the woman by the wrist. They exited the house and ran to the Kang household.

Seulgi did not go to the front entrance, but headed for the back door which led straight to the kitchens and servants quarters. She entered the kitchen, with a slam of the door.

The Kang house's staff all turned around with delighted expressions. "Miss Seulgi!" The cook cried. "Why we haven't seen you in ages! What brings you here?"

"News," she pants, and cleats her throat. "Bad news I'm afraid,"

"What is it?" Asked Yeri, looking concerned.

"England is now at war with Germany," she said and watched as their faces all fell. The cook dropped her spoon and shook her head.

"You are not joking us?" Yeri asked quietly.

"It is the truth," Seulgi said and looked at Yeri with pity as the young girl started to cry.

"I am sorry to go, but I must tell my parents," Seulgi said, patting Yeri on the back as she walked to the stairs. "Wendy you stay here,"

"Yes Miss," Wendy replied and rubbed Yeri's back. "Don't be scare Yeri, it'll be okay,"

Seulgi ran up the stairs in a panic. She burst into the dining room where her parents were having breakfast. They looked up, surprised to see her.

"We are at war-" She began loudly. She cleared her throat and calmed herself a little. "England is at war with Germany,"

"By god," her father exclaimed, standing up. "Is this true?"

"Is it. It was announced on the radio just now," Seulgi said gravely. Her mother stood up also and looked at her husband with great fear.

And that's what the rest of the day was like- full of fear, shock and worry. Seulgi returned to the Murry household with Wendy after informing her parents and the staff. The day passed like any other- lunch and dinner were normal and Seulgi had nothing to do as usual. Nothing but worry. She was a worrier, she knew it, and everyone else knew it. She had bitten her nails almost down to stubs due to her worrying by the end of the day.

After that grave announcement the days passed slowly and tensely - Seulgi knew nothing about war and expected to have the front door broken down by soldiers and murdered at any moment. She had heard all sorts of things from people down town about the Germans and her fear and worry only increased.

And it wasn't long until Harold enlisted.

At first she was pleased, she was finally getting rid of the buggar, she had thought. But Seulgi was not inhumane and began to worry even for Harold.

"You don't have to go! Do not go!" she pleaded him and shocked even herself at how emotional she was getting about the man's departure. The man sighed.

"Seulgi my love, I understand your worries," he said, holding his head high. "But I want to serve my duties as a man and as an Englishman who loves his country and does not wish it to go to ruin," There was a slight wobble in his voice and Seulgi recognised his bravery in that moment. Despite his many many flaws, the one thing Harold did not lack was bravery.

Seulgi gripped the front of his jacket. "Don't go," She begged quietly. "Harold, please stay,"

The man brushed off her hands and looked away.

"Please," she whispered, and felt tears stinging her eyes. "I don't want to be lonely,"

"You won't," He said. "You shall have your maid, the rest of the staff. And your parents. Stop being so dramatic," She took a step back from him, shaking her head slowly. "I leave Wednesday," He left the room.

Seulgi collapsed into a seat at the table and put her head in her hands. She felt awful - she pitied those who actually loved their husbands who then had to be sent off to war to die. She cried a little, then wiped her eyes and stared out the window at the dark of the night that was just starting to set in.

She felt a gentle hand on her back. Wendy sat down next to her with a small smile. "How are we doing?"

"Terrible," Seulgi sighed. "I can't believe we're actually at war... all those men dying. And for what? It is so pointless. Families will be left forever without someone- a father, brother, husband, son? It hurts my heart to think about it,"

Wendy's smile wobbled. "My brother enlisted today along with your Harold," she said quietly and rubbed Seulgi's back. Her eyes were trained on the table.

Seulgi hugged the woman lightly. "I am sorry. Harold leaving for war was hard enough - I can't imagine how is it for you,"

"It's alright Miss," Wendy replied dryly and wiped her eyes quickly. "We'll get through it together. Oh- I have a surprise for you,"

"For me?"

"Yes. It's been a stressful time for you," Wendy began. "And so tomorrow, while Mr Murry is away on business, we shall take a trip into town. There is a Suffragette movement I hear taking place then,"

Seulgi's face lit up immediately. "You're taking me to see the Suffragettes?" Wendy nodded with a happy smile. "Oh Wendy! Thank you!"

"It's only a speech or something," Wendy laughed as Seulgi stood up and hugged the woman so tight she lifted off the ground. "I just thought it might improve your mood,"

"It certainly shall!" Seulgi cried and sat back down with a smile on her face. "Oh Wendy, I don't deserve you as my friend,"

"We I'm afraid you'll have to stick with me as your friend for a little while now," Wendy said and returned Seulgi's smile.

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