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Sooyoung glanced at Yerim.

"Do you have an eating disorder?"Sooyoung asked bluntly. Thought this approach was quite rude.

Yerim was caught off guard. "Ah no no! It's just I'm used to drinking water a lot because of my cat side!"

Sooyoung breathed out. That was good.

"Uhm you sure you don't want any food?"Sooyoung asked again.

"Ah no I'm fine. Plus I don't really like breakfast foods!"Yerim smiled happily.

"You don't like breakfast foods!"Sooyoung gasped dramatically.

Yerim giggles cutely, nodding. Sooyoung just smiled at her. Meanwhile from afar a silver haired Mochi was watching.


Jimin clenched his teeth. To him, that hybrid was much more beautiful than any other hybrids he had ever owned.

Jimin wanted that hybrid. He didn't think Sooyoung deserved it. Sooyoung was always favored and liked more because of her good grades, good looks and manners.

Jimin however was known as the introverted type. He didn't talk much and didn't really study or pay attention to class. Jimim however was more caught up in partying (on his own) or with hybrids if you catch my drift ;>.

Jimin was known to kick many hybrids out or give them up as he got tired of them. But Yerim gave him a different energy. He so badly wanted her.

Jimin scowled once more before walking away.


After finishing breakfast. Or Yerim's glass of water they left to go hang out.

"Do you want to go shopping? I suppose you don't have many clothes here,"Sooyoung inferred.

Yerim shook her head politely. "It's okay, I usually don't wear anything that's not the same as like a white dress or something white,"

"Awweee! Come on! I've been wanting to style people!"Sooyoung begged.

"Wouldn't you be noticed though? Also wouldn't people spot you have a hybrid and ruin your image. I mean I know Jimin has a reputation for it. But having hybrids are controversial,"Yerim told Sooyoung.

Sooyoung pouted And Yerim simply giggled.

"I'll just give you a hat and an oversized hoodie!"Sooyoung begged once again.

Yerim sighed and finally caved in. Sooyoung happily cheered, clapping her hands together like a dolphin.

Sooyoung dragged Yerim up the red carpet lined with gold accents, all the way up to her room.

Sooyoung dressed Yerim in a black cap, black oversized hoodie with short shorts underneath it but they weren't visible. Sooyoung also gave Yerim a black face mask.

Sooyoung wore one herself, matching with Yerim almost but instead wearing a black bomber jacket with black leggings.

"Soo...tell me more about yourself. I want to get to know you!"Sooyoung asked, while walking towards the car.

"I- well. I'm 19 years old. Uhm, uh, I don't have any friends. I was breed in the shelter. My life isn't interesting. I'm just lucky I was adopted,"Yerim replied.

Sooyoung opened the door for Yerim.

"Cmon~! I know your life is interesting! How about we ask each other questions,"Sooyoung tilted her head.

"Fine. I'll go first. What do you want to use me for?"

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