James (EDITED)

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I glanced around the graveyard, I stood there with someone I had always longed to meet. Voldemort. The man was silent, and I knew he was waiting for something or someone important, by instinct, I didn't break the silence, I didn't question his motives. Voldemort always had a plan of some kind, and he was always right. He had spoken to me, whispered about how wrong my father was, and I had to admit, after some amount of convincing, I realised he was right. My father killed him, when he was only trying to save our race. Keeping our lines pure so that no one could steal our magic. Magic was designed to stay only among wizards, crossbreeding was an insult to our glorious race, it wasn't fair to allow Muggles the same rights we had. Witches and Wizards alike had been granted with a divine power, one that should not be shared with those who are... Ordinary. Voldemort knew many things, and that was one of them. There were many rewards for helping him. He had told me that he could make me immortal, that I could be like his son, once he had returned. He saw my potential, unlike my family, who saw me as nothing more than a prankster, they didn't see the pain behind my eyes, not he way the Dark Lord did. He knew how I felt, and he could help me relieve my pain. All I had to do was help him rule the world.

Suddenly, a snake entered, gently flowing against the I trimmed grass, barely making a sound as it moved, it was followed by a young girl with flaming red hair. Lily, my dearest sister, I felt my eyes flash red, as they did occasionally, ever since I began to help the Dark Lord, and she backed away, as I reached out with my hand to stop her, to comfort her raging fear, she vanished. Then, as if following her back to the land of the living, I woke up. I knew she didn't trust me anymore, red flashing eyes didn't exactly shout hero to anyone, but I knew I was capable of convincing my sister that my side was the righteous side. She'd listen to her big brother, she always did.

I smiled, Voldemort was right, my father was wrong, I would join him, and then I'd convince Lily of the truth, followed by Albus, and finally, all three of the Potter children would be in perfect harmony, and they, unlike their parents, would choose the right side, the loyal side, the pure side. Soon, they'd all be happy, and forget the parents' mistakes, soon, no one would be able to stop Voldemort. Once Lily denied her Prophecy, they would all be safe, she was the other side's only hope, and James could destroy that hope, with all but a few words and some brotherly love. Soon, they'd be prosperous, soon they'd be happy, soon they would live happily ever after, soon...

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