Chapter 39

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The wind whips my ears as I run out into the open and head for the mountain range. My every morning has been like this lately. Running. Freedom. The sweet release I get from just shifting and running like I am a wolf in the wild. Alone and free. No returned daddy- drama. No new hybrid monsters to think about. No more secret plans of epic disaster revealed daily to force me into continuing to live in this everlasting nightmare that is now my life.

And I thought being institutionalised for so long was tough. At least I was buzzed.

Don't get me wrong. There is extreme good in my life. Argent for one. And James and Jemma. And the pack. There is light in my dark but the dark is so overwhelming at times that the only way I can escape is to just run and run until I can't breathe anymore, until I have to stop and take a breath. In that one deep, desperate second I am not thinking about anything but the air filling my lungs and that sense of urgency is bliss.

Sick right? Or sad.

I reach the top of the mountain easily now and faster everyday. I look out over the cliff edge and day dream about what it would be like to just run and leap out into the unknown. I think on this for a while until I catch a familiar scent on the breeze, Argent.

It only takes a second and his soft padding feet are right behind me and I feel his large, warm body brush against my side.

"I beat you."

"You had quite the head start Aidalyn"

"Full naming me huh? What have I done to deserve that?"

A soft growl leaves his muzzle and I nudge him in response .

"Just teasing big boy, easy now"

"We have somewhere to be right now you know? Not really time in the schedule for a run"

"I would literally choose to be anywhere else in the world but there today Arge, I had to get some air before we are stuck in there all day with... him"

"I know."

The silence over the link is as thick as it is tense.
We both know today will be.... interesting.

I sigh and paw at the earth beneath me.
He leans into my side and I sigh again, this time it leaves my body as a soft purr.

In defeat, I turn to make the journey back to the house.

"Race you back then"

I don't give him a chance to respond, I use all four limbs to launch myself over the ledge and down the mountain side, much more confident in my strides now and less cautious. It's glorious. The danger, it's addictive.

He howls behind me and disappears to my left in the cover of the rocks. Ah hah... he is trying to use cover to get ahead. But I know his game by now. He will cut through the trees and try to head me off at the narrowing edge of the field and the trail.

But I have a secret weapon today. Yesterday on my run, I found a hidden pass through the other side of the trail, where the mountain range meets the lake.
The edge of both create a little hiding space and if I stay low and run, I can't be seen.

I head backwards a little and head for my discovered path.

I can hear him over the link.

"Where are you going miss?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?!"

I tease back and stay my course. I know that after a few minutes hidden by the ledge of the mountain, staying close to the lake, I can make it back and out before he does.

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