Chapter 7.

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It's been over a week, over a week since I have seen or spoken Harry. It's been over a week of ignoring his calls and messages, a week of trying to pull the seed of him that that's been planted in my brain but only grown and weaved it's way through permanently like a weed.

That last night I saw him ended without any other incidents, I still can't believe the amount Harry handed me at the end of the night. Five hundred dollars seemed ridiculous for a few hours of photographs, but he insisted that's what the owner had agreed to pay.

I watched Harry leave that night with two women afterwards, the pit of my stomach dropping slightly as I watched. If I didn't need more reassurance that I should cut ties with him after what happened in that bathroom, that was certainly the nail in the coffin for me.

What he does is his business, it doesn't even concern me, but after the stunt he pulled in that toilet stall, to then leave with two women so casually, smirking at me as he left was further indication of his behaviours that I don't want to be a part of.

The owner seemed to like the photos I had emailed him, which was a surprise considering the heinous things that were happening in them, but I suppose that's the image they were going for.

I was surprised when I proceeded to get several emails trying to convince me to take more promotional photos for the club, but I politely declined, Andy would have started world war three if I had of mentioned even remotely going near that place - or Harry again.

I didn't hear the end about that night from him for three days, or how dissapointed he was in me that I had, had some kind of relationship with Harry at some point, I've still left the specific details out and only pointed out that it was years ago.

I don't think anything I said would have made a difference, he went on very long, colourful tangents about his exact thoughts on Harry and how people like him are everything that's wrong with the world.

I'm just relieved things have gone back to somewhat of a semblance of normal, and that I've managed to stick to my decision of staying away from him.

"Abby can you grab one of the milk crates from the cool room honey?" Maurine asks as she organises the various bags of coffee beans near the front counter.

Maurine is by far, one of the sweetest ladies I've met, and I feel blessed that I have her for a boss.

She's a lovely middle aged woman I met when I started coming to this little coffee shop everyday when I moved here, and she eventually offered me a job, she doesn't really need me here and I know that, I think she just keeps me around for the company.

She's mildly eccentric, and has a bit of an obsession with crystals, constantly lecturing me about their powers and meanings, but I find it endearing.

"Sure thing" I smile, wiping my hands down the front of my apron and walking out the back, getting the milk takes me longer than it needed too, this refrigerator often just has everything shoved into it and desperately needs to be organised.

I make my way inside from the refrigerated cool room out the back, and almost drop the crate in my hands when I see who is standing at the counter.

He's leant on his hands, talking to Maurine with a wide smile, charisma seeping off of every word and mannerism.

Why is the devil in my coffee shop?

Maurine catches me standing there with my mouth hung open, and smiles widely "Oh Abby dear, come here, I was just talking to your lovely friend Harry"

Excuse me? He is not my friend.

Harrys attention immediately snaps to me, his eyes glancing over my figure as a pleased smirk pulls over his lips.

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