6: Celestial Wiazard

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                                  6: Celestial Wizard 

P.S. Their ages might be wrong...so..I'm sorry..

It has been 3 years since the lots of Y/n's closest friend.

And up to this day, she still hides behind her cloak.

Her friends and comrades had gotten used to this change. Some were concern, while one couldn't help but to pester her about her cloak.

This one being blonde and arrogant.

Now, let's head to the story

♤♤3rd Pov♤♤

Y/n watched as the train gets closer to their destination.

On her lap is E/n who's sleeping.

Next to her is a sweatdropping Happy.

And across from her is a puking and groaning pinkette.

"When will this end!?" Natsu groaned from his seat, his face green and his cheeks puffed up with puke.

"Soon. We're almost their anyways." Y/n said softly. He nodded and immediately stuck his head out the window and vomited.

Y/n sighed and stare at the male in pity.

It'll be great if she knows Troia, but her mentors didn't taught her the spell.

The train skidded to a stop, the screeching sounds of the wheel against the tracks can be heard all around and the yells of the train workers is almost faint due to the train's whistle.

"Im up!" E/n exclaimed, pushing herself up.

"Looks like we're here." Happy said. Before they can get up, one of the securities opened the doors of their lounge car.

"We've arrived." The male said. He then caught sights of the nauseas male.

"Is he alright?" He asked.

"We'll he's puking and his face is green, but sure he's alright." E/n said.

"Let's just go, I came here for one thing and one thing only and I will want to finish this as fast as possible." Y/n said, getting up with E/n in her arms.

Her face and body concealed by the cloak and hood she's wearing.

"Aye!" Happy chimed in, following the pair out of the lounge car.

As she stepped put of the train, she is greeted by the strong refreshing winds and the warm rays of the sun.

Nearby citizens recognized her and gave her their best greetings.

"This place sure is friendly." E/n muttered with a small smile.

The train's whistle went off once more and the sound sound smoke puffing can be heard. The wheels began chugging slowly before picking up the pace.

" .......Guys?....." A meekly voice was heard from the train.

The three turned to the --already leaving-- train, to see their transportation-sensitive friend dangling from the door, already being driven away by the train back to Magnolia.

"Heeeelllpppp meeeee!" He pleaded, his voice weak and his face puffing up with puke. He reached out his hand to the girl but it was too late....for the train took him away.

The smoke blowing Y/n's hair back and her cloak.

"Shouldn't you go after him?" Happy asked. The girl furrowed her eyebrows.

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