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Written by nekokoafanfictions on tumblr

The holidays.

Bakugo Katsuki

Katsuki could see the bright ornaments and lights reflected in your irises. He watched your face as it slowly changed into one of pure joy. It was a true emotion. Something he hasn't seen since you left the airport after a 15-hour flight. The flight from Japan to New York City wasn't an easy one but you powered through the jet lag and headaches to finally see one of the most iconic Christmas trees of the season. It was around 33 degrees F in Manhattan, and you could barely feel the tips of your fingers. You heard the soft melody of Christmas songs from nearby stores that were packed with people where you could barely see the floor. You buried your face into your scarf and when you exhaled to warm your lips with your breath, it vapored out into the air and disappeared like mist.

"Wow..." He heard your soft whisper as you gazed upon the giant tree at the center of Rockefeller. It was decorated with various lights, shining brightly like cluttered stars in a galaxy. You could barely see the green of its leaves or the bronzed thick base of the tree. And at the very top was a star brighter than any, purest of light that shimmered when you stared at it. "It's beautiful."

Katsuki felt you squeezed his gloved hand and he wanted to say that the very person in front of his eyes were just as beautiful, perhaps even more. But he held his tongue, deeming the words in head as foolish. He squeezed your hand instead and it made you looked at him. Your face spoke of inquisitiveness, but soon melted into a smile that made the angels themselves swoon. Your eyes gleamed with love when they met with his crimson ones and the eyelashes that framed them were sparkling like obsidian. It made Katsuki tongue tied, and when he finally spoke, a light blush dusted his cheeks.

"It was definitely worth the damn trip." He was in awe of your beauty.

Midoriya Izuku

"Christmas! Christmas! It's Christmas!!"

You woke up to the feeling of your bed dipping in and out repeatedly like someone was jumping upon it. Through your grogginess, you thought an earthquake was happening, but you were quickly reminded by the high-pitched voices that sounded out that it was your beloved children happily hopping on your bed. You heard a soft groan from Izuku as he shifted awake. Your daughter, Izuki, jumped on him and landed on his chest causing the wind to be knocked out of his lungs.

"Daddy, Mommy! it's Christmas!!" She laughed cheerfully, wrapping her small arms around his neck and looking at you. Izuku chuckled softly through the pain, bringing a hand to stroke her long green hair.

"Yeah, it is." He kissed her on the cheek. "Merry Christmas, sweetie."

Naoki, your youngest, was still hopping at the foot of the bed, shouting out the word 'Chwristmas' excitedly. He was in his red onesie that was decorated with Santa's sleigh being pulled by his reindeer with, of course, Rudolph, at the front leading the pack.

"Let's go open the presents! Presents! Presents!!" Izuki quickly climbed off of Midoriya and started jumping with her brother who joined her in chants. They held each other's hands to keep their balance and you and Izuku smiled softly at the scene.

"Sure, but first, did you guys brush your teeth?" Your children froze at their father's words, turning to look at him with wide emerald eyes.

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