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third person

"who the fuck is vlog squad?"

the room is silent. everyone in shawn mendes' team turns to stare at him. a disbelief and surprisingly a shocked look plastered on their faces. shawn shrugs his shoulders in response. he continues to scroll down his phone.

a bunch of news reports about him involving a popular internet group. something he's quite confused about. is he missing out?

brian, one of shawn's closest friends comes rushing inside the room. a laptop in his hands and already put into a site. it would appear to be youtube. brian places the computer on the small, brown coffee table.

the rest of the team huddles around shawn, trying to get a closer look of the video. "you gotta check this out, dude." the video was titled: she didn't mean to say this!!

brian clicked on the video. on the screen appeared a guy around shawn's age wearing all black with a hat as well. his hair was brown and scruffy, easily to run your hands through. he was quite pale if you asked anyone in the room.

"hey what's up you guys! today madelaine called me and invited me to visit her and willow at their new apartment. little did i know she was drinking, which is odd since madelaine doesn't drink. so here is one minute of madelaine being really drunk."

shawn thought it was kinda rude for a guy like him to embarrass someone when they were in bad condition. why would he do that for a living anyways?

especially if that someone was a girl. shawn brushed that topic off though because what he really wanted to know why his name and that guy's name were being involved in massive headlines.

on the screen soon appeared a brunette. she dressed in a some biker shorts and an oversized black hoodie that said: vlog squad in different font and colors.

"damn, someone must of fucked you over." the guy behind the camera laughed. shawn furrowed his eyebrows together and leaned in closer to see more.

the brunette giggled obnoxiously. well of course she did. the poor girl was drunk. "i feeeeel amaaaazing david!!!"

david, the guy behind the camera soon zoomed in the camera towards the drunk brunette. in the video, she was currently picking her nose. geoff and mike began to let out laughs too. shawn raised his head from his hunched position and looked at brian.

"okay, what the hell is this?" shawn has an annoyed expression on his face. clearly, his precious time of doing nothing was being wasted.

"just keep watching." brian responded. "trust me, it's get wayyy better."

"smash or pass: todd." david says. a big mischievous smirk plays on the brunette's pretty face.

the boys stayed watching the video. they knew what was to be expected in this video. shawn felt like this was yet another video brian shows him that isn't hilarious or at least worth smiling. yet he still doesn't realize in the next five seconds his name will be brought up.

"smash or pass: shawn mendes."

geoff snorted. meanwhile the other boys let out more laughs. the video surely got shawn's attention for sure. his finger pressed against the volume button. he wanted that answer to come out whether she was drunk or not.

the brunette, who clearly is madelaine, the one who doesn't drink and seems to keep a clean page, is biting her lip as she thinks about it. the next answer that comes out her mouth is what gets the whole room rowdy and bowing down to shawn. they all clearly think madelaine neidhart is a beauty.

"ooh, i wanna fuck the living shit outta chon mendez!!" she burps.

shawn shuts the computer with force. he gets up from the couch and walks out the room, bumping shoulders with andrew while he's at it. "what's wrong with him?" gertler closes the door behind him.

the whole team is too busy laughing they have to hold the side of their stomachs. brian is first to give an answer. "he's just prissy because some girl on the internet claimed that she wanted to fuck him and now it's trending hardcore."

"and this girl so happens to be in vlog squad." geoff wipes away a tear from his eye as he tries to remain himself from laughing again.

"who the fuck is vlog squad?!"

and that's when the rest of the team gasp together. they place a hand over their heart, giving shawn's manager a look of disapproval.

brian runs a hand through his hair. "it's youtube's most famous vloggers. in other terms, if the kardashian's ever started a youtube channel."

"who is this girl and why is shawn so mad about it?" andrew ponders.

"madelaine neidhart." geoff says. "i don't know why shawn is acting like a drama queen. he should be honor someone wants to fuck him. madelaine neidhart is the most gorgeous member of the vlog squad."

mike playfully rolls his eyes. "right next to corinna."

they soon have a whole discussion on who's the prettiest. amdrew looks in between them and brian. he has zero clue on what is happening either, so he sends andrew a simple shrug. shawn soon re-enters the room.

once again, the rest of the team zip up their mouths as they see shawn. they send him more disapproving looks of what he said earlier. "can you take it down, andrew? i don't even know who she is."

"i'll try." andrew pulls out his phone. "how old is this girl anyways?"

"she's twenty, but she'll be twenty-one in may." geoff quickly answers. everyone in the room turns towards him. they let out more laughs.

"quite the fan, aren't you?" shawn teases.

"ooh, she older than you shawn!!" teddy says as she gets comfortable on the couch, placing the blanket on her legs. los angeles nights were getting cold each day.

shawn takes a sip from his water bottle and goes through his phone. the first thing he does is go on instagram. shawn looks over his shoulder to see it anyone is looking. lucikly, no one is. he searches up madelaine neidhart's name.

wow, she was even prettier without hoodies, shawn thought to himself.