"Yeah. There's a door unlocked on the backside because no one can ever find the keys. It'll take me a couple of minutes." Ryan unwrapped Kita's arms from around him. "How are you feeling, Kita?"

She moaned as a response.

"I have to get us inside. I'll help you sit down."

Ryan dismounted, trying to keep Kita from falling. He caught her and helped her off Arcee, then sat her down next to the door. After taking off her helmet, he went around the side of the building.

Kita wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her head on her knees. Her stomach was so upset. A sharp pain was followed by a gurgle. She wanted nothing more than to curl up and die. If that wasn't possible, to sleep.

"Kita," called Arcee. "Kita?"

Kita didn't feel like responding, so she didn't. All she could do was languish in her misery.

"Kita, I'm sorry," said Arcee. "I didn't know it would make you sick. I just wanted you to feel special."

Ugh. I feel special all right. Oh, no. Kita uncoiled and pulled herself to the curb. She heaved up some bile, and dry heaved a few times. When she was done, she rolled over in the scrub grass. Slowly, her version focused on the few stars visible through the light pollution of one of the largest cities in the world.

Arcee moved over next to Kita. "Kita? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Kita stared at the sky, trying to find some solace. It's seemed cruel that she had to wait to sleep. The dirt and grass felt fine. She just wanted it to end.

The bay door opened with a loud set of squeaks as it rolled across its ancient track. Ryan appeared from the door and hurried toward Kita and Arcee.

"What happened?" said Ryan.

"She vomited again," said Arcee.

"Let's get her inside. There are some old army cots she can sleep on." Ryan bent down next to Kita. "Hey, I'm going to pick you up and take you inside. There's a cot you can sleep on."

Kita muttered something unintelligible but didn't fight as Ryan picked her up. She cuddled against him as he carried her through the building. It was mostly empty except for a large concrete pipe with a side missing on the far wall. Scattered around were various objects Kita didn't know the purpose for. They looked electrical in nature. A door leading to a hallway was propped open. Arcee followed behind them.

In front of the concrete pipe was a cot. Ryan lay Kita on it. "Do you want your jacket off?"

Kita grunted, and Ryan helped Kita out of her jacket.

"Do you want it as a pillow?"

Kita curled up in a ball as a reply.

Ryan draped the jacket over Kita.

"Is there anything we can do for her?" said Arcee sounding worried.

"They sell this pink stuff at CVS, and we should get her some water. That would help her."

"Will she be fine alone? Bumblebee is still forty-five minutes away."

"She'll be fine. No one ever comes out here."

"Sleep well, Kita. We'll be back shortly," Arcee said to Kita.

Kita mumbled something. But, she was more interested in sleeping.


Kita awoke to the screeching of the bay door wheels. It moved quickly, revealing a pair of blinding headlights. She sat up and shielded her eyes.

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