Chapter Forty Seven - Race to Freedom

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Jav's figure shrank smaller and smaller in the window. She knew this wasn't the last time she'd see him. He would be coming for her, alone. It was too personal now. 

"Listen to me Ava," Kennet spoke as she entered the cockpit. "Jav won't stop at finding you," the fret in his voice could easily be heard. 

"I know," Ava sighed annoyingly. She was still angry at Kennet for lying to her. "How did you even find me? " she looked to see his expression but he kept his focus ahead. He was tense. 

"It doesn't matter how I got out. And, no, you need to understand." Kennet put the craft into auto pilot and he slumped back in his seat, nervously running his hand through his hair.  "Especially with me taking you from him. Now it's war."

"Imagine that. You betrayed his trust, and mine."

"I just saved you!" he got up, wanting to rage his fist into the controls. She sensed his desire, but he ignored it. He rested his fist on the controls instead, hand on hip, his head lowered.  

"You lied. Your wife is dead, so what was your agenda? Why help me out if I couldn't really help you?"

"I was working with Zaloy for a long time at the Strife's disposal. They had wanted me to steal access codes in order to break into their system. It was the last mission I was planning to be on. When we captured you, I saw you as an out. I was planning to leave the Strife for some months, but I didn't know how."

They were silent for a while. She was still angry.

Finally she spoke, "So how did you know where I was?" 

"I overheard the officials saying Jav was taking you to Vinn, that's how I found you. Vinn and I had a connection a few years back. But I didn't know you were Avianna until Jav told me. Jav's childhood friend when we first met. The girl who he mourned for months. When we were old enough to go on assignments on our own he looked for you in every city. He never admitted to it but I know he did." He took a deep breath. "I betrayed Jav. I joined the Strife, and by the time he found out I was gone. He's going to kill me."

A million questions were swirling through her head. A large part of her couldn't trust Kennet anymore. He could be lying to her. He could be working with Jav this entire time. She wasn't sure what to believe. He would have known Jav would be a threat on their mission, if he truly was running from Jav. But he hadn't made the connection on who she really was so why tell her about him? She knew Kennet was a Revivian born that went rogue. So Kennet knowing Jav shouldn't surprise her, but it does make the situation worse. What was even worse was him lying about his wife. What else would he need her help for? 

"Let's just get back to my friends, so we can all escape him," she sighed anxiously.

"I can't do that."

"What?" her eyebrows creased, and she stood up heated. 

"If we go back for them it will slow us down and then we will be back in the same position as we just were. We have to escape now."

"You will go back for my friends, or so help me I will-"

The ship lunged to the right unexpectedly, a small explosion destroying part of their right wing. Someone had shot at them. Kennet sat back in the pilot seat as she  ran to the back windows of the ship. A ship not far behind, raced to catch up with them. 

She didn't have to guess. She sensed Jav. It took her breath away; his fear, suffering, and sinister energy was hard to swallow. 

Pivoting, she joined Kennet in the cockpit. 

"Promise me, no matter what you see or hear you won't take your hands off the controls."

"What?" Kennet questioned as she left the cockpit. "Ava what are you going to do?" he yelled.

"Just keep your eyes ahead!" She shouted making her way back to the windows. 

When she felt threatened by Jav she had created some type of force dome around herself, protecting her back on his ship. That was the only thing she could think of at protecting Kennet and her now. 

Kennet soared the ship to the left as he dodged Jav's fires at them. Jav was so much in a rage he wound't stop.

Kennet pulled up and the ship soared straight up. The movement caused her stomach to turn, and she almost throw up. 

She forced energy out again, bringing her hands upward and the ground below lifted with force, hitting Jav's ship. Her jaw dropped in disbelief and she again lifted more the ground with her energy forcing it onto Jav's ship.

Kennet bursted in cheers as Jav's ship spun from the blow.

Jav recovered quickly. This passioned him to come full force, shooting at them from four different guns on his ship. It soon became too hard for Kennet to block. 

A blow to their right wing caused the ship to plummet downward. She prepared for impact while holding onto a launch seat. She didn't have time to sit down, the force of the ship going downward almost caused her feet to dangle in the air. Kennet tried hard to give them a smooth landing. It didn't quite work. 

Impact was hard, the ship landing slightly on it's side. She had fallen ahead after losing her grip on a launch seat, bruising her knees and arms as she tumbled across the floor. The ship hadn't caught on fire or blown them up entirely which she was grateful for. 

"You okay?" Kennet came from behind her from the cockpit. 

"Yeah!" She waved him off, trying to get up on her own, but he helped her anyways. 

Jav slowly landed his ship, and they watched as the rushing water outside the window created a wave that splashed up onto their damaged ship.

"I have to finish this. It's between him and I."

"You have a better chance if I'm there."

Kennet shook his head and headed towards the weaponry cabinet. He grabbed a rapier from the cabinet, and she met him, grabbing one too. She grabbed her hand tight, so tight she dropped the rapier in her hand. 

"What the hell?"  she glared at him.

"I'm sorry but you can't come."

Before she could react Kennet stabbed a needle in her arm. She dug her fingers into his arms, her eyes asking why?  Her body felt heavy, darkness taking control of her vision.

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