Chapter Forty Six - Escaped

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Vinn had fallen to his knees, hunched over, as he rested his head back. Avianna was shaking lightly. She had fallen on her stomach, and tried to slowly get up. She stopped, tears falling down her cheeks. "I had a brother," she whispered to herself, or maybe just out of shock. Jav understood why her mother would wipe her brother's memory from her. Her brother was never in the plan to go to Earth with them.

He was close with her brother as children, but not anymore. He only spoke with him when he needed memories returned from his assignments. Avianna was more than an assignment. That's why he couldn't tell him he'd be restoring his own sister's memories.

He didn't recognize Vinn anymore.

Especially now, as he suffered from his ability. It was truly a gift. He may not see it that way, but he had inherited it from his mother.

Avianna may look like her mother, but Vinn embodied her personality, her character. 

Avianna looked to him with betrayed eyes. He didn't like fooling her, but there was no other option. He had to find his mother.

"You didn't really bring me here so I could see my memories for myself. You knew that deep within my lost memories I knew where your mother was," she hissed as she faced before him.

"Yes. Yes I did. And you will tell me where she is," he stepped closer to her.

"It's a good thing you can't read thoughts, because I would rather die before I tell you." 

"I know someone who can read them."

"There's a reason she wanted to fake her death."

"You won't stop me from finding her," he shouted. He knew her desire. She was going to flee, run. She wouldn't get far.

"I can," Vinn stood, his words full of mockery. 

"What?" Ava swung her body around.

"I can take away memories just as I give them."

"You would stop a son from meeting his mother?" 

"I would stop anything you do," Vinn spat. "because, whatever you are up too, it will be destructive-"

Loud booms rock the house abruptly. Before he could move the ceiling was coming down before him. 

His world went dark.

Jav wasn't completely knocked out. His vision was slightly blurry and he had to blink multiple times for his eyes to focus. He saw Vinn across the room, blood all around him. If he wasn't dead, he would be soon. Jav's eyes searched for Avianna, and found her hand in Kennet's. Kennet was the one who caused the explosions. Kennet led Avianna out the large hole and Jav forced himself off the ground. His body ached and fought to lie back down but he ignored it.

He had made it outside in enough time to know which direction they were headed. East. Back to the base.


Avianna couldn't go back there. His father would take her away from him and that would complicate everything he had worked for.

He walked back inside and watched as Vinn struggled to get up. He was alive?

"I thought you were dead."

"You knew!" Vinn roared, holding a gash wound on his side stomach, trying to steadily walk toward him. "Why did you do this? Bring her to me? Now look what has happened!" Vinn snapped.

"She knows where my mother is. I have to find her," he continued to walk away from Vinn towards the ship launch.

"Why didn't you tell me who she really was!" Vinn's shout echoed. 

If Vinn knew that Jav had captured Avianna sooner he would have taken her away from him. He couldn't allow that. Vinn himself didn't even believe his dreams of her, how it could have been possible she was alive. "Because you wouldn't have agreed to do what you just did.  You would have found her before me."

"She doesn't belong to you!"

"Maybe not, but I will do anything to get her back under my control."

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