Chapter Forty Five - Forgotten Eyes

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Smoke lazily exited the home of Vinn Kavari. Up before the hill, the modern steel walls were slanted diagonally. She left her footprint in the dark soil as she followed Jav up. The land had no trees, no signs of any life other than the smoke lifting into the sky from inside Vinn's home. As the sun set, the air grew warmer strangely.

Angled steps met her feet. Jav's cape skimmed the steps as he ascended and she began to climb her way up. She could run, with no officials lined up watching her every move. Just Jav escorted her.

Some part of her wanted to stay. She hated herself for it, but she couldn't run without seeing what Vinn could do for her. There were memories she'd forgotten. She felt a missing piece from her had been taken away and she was going to get it back. Yet, her friends were in prison, while she was free. She had to trust in Jav's word. She had no other choice. She saw no way in escapement benefitting her or her friends. She had to play Jav's game.

Light poured out as the doors to Vinn's home slid aside allowing them to enter.

Everything was grey and white. The home looked lifeless, like no one had lived in it.

Jav led her through a long hallway that connected to a larger room.

Before entering Jav stopped her.

"His ability is so great, whatever he touches the memories within that person, or thing is given to him. In order for him to give you memories back he must rest for days. The energy it takes to reach into your mind will be tough, especially because they've been hidden from you."

She nodded and they proceeded inside.

In the middle sat a chair, it looked much like a chair she saw on tablets that existed in ancient times. At least six millenniums ago. But this one was of cement and three steps led to the chair. It looked uncomfortable. But, there sat Vinn, blond hair falling just below his ears. He was faced away from Jav and her, and rested his hand on his forehead, stumped over in his chair.

"Vinn," Jav spoke somewhat cautiously.

"Something isn't right," Vinn's deep voice uttered confidently. "The weather is never this calm."

"I noticed."

Why were they talking about the weather? That's the least of worries at the moment.

Ava walked past Jav, and went around to view Vinn's face. She couldn't waste anymore time.

"Jav told me you could help restore my memories."

"Avianna?" he whispered and looked to her as if she were a ghost. She sensed his racing heart, the shock in his eyes.

Vinn got up from his chair, and slowly ascended his way toward her. As he grew nearer his eyes looked like they could tell a thousand stories. A heavy weight bore in them like he held the deepest secrets no one man could hold. She saw more pain in his eyes than Jav's. Whoever Vinn was, he suffered greatly.

"You're Avianna?"


"Avianna Kavarieah Fernaro, the last living child of Kuliara. A Queen to a fallen planet."

"How do you know who I am?"

"Jav has been searching for you. I'm surprised he was able to find you."

She looked to Jav and he remained silent, watching them. She was sure his ego was hurt but he didn't speak over Vinn. Vinn had some type of power over Jav for him to not defend himself. What was it?

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