Chapter Forty Four - Mixed Intentions

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The struggles of survival could be seen on the streets of Hesmec, but not from where he stood. At least fifty stories above ground, he strides toward his personal craft. Two officials stand ahead, awaiting for him to board. Avianna was escorted by four other officials, ascending the craft before him.

Ekeqon's temperature was rising, yet the sky was clear as sunset fully began. The moon's atmosphere was planning some beautiful catastrophe. The weather was never this warm, or clear from it's lethal weather conditions. The locals have adapted to the weather, protective cloaks, boots, and garments to resist the acidic rain, toxic fog, and poisonous water. Animals had become extinct hundreds of years ago when the environment started to change. The people couldn't even grow their own food. Everything was transported in from distant planets.

As his craft hastily drifted away, one thing was on his mind. His father.

He was scarred of what he would do to Avianna once he found out what she really possessed. He slammed his fists on the briefing table. General Lander watched with wary eyes as the officials around him reassured his father was at least three hours from entrance. He was positive it wouldn't be enough time.

"Inform General Sokolov my father will be in Hesmec before me. They will have to distract him. We won't make it back in enough time." He ordered to a communicator. The communicator nodded, then spoke into his ear.

Huffing, he walked around the table.

"A shame you transferred Mei," General Sander spoke with mockery causing Jav to stop. He had been trying his best to dismiss her, and what she had done to him. She did it out of spite, and he saved her because he cared. This enraged him further. This was why he couldn't care for anyone, not in any real way. It always ended up destroying a part of him.

"Commander Mei's skills were needed elsewhere. I wasn't aware it effected you, General Sander."

"I wasn't aware this girl," General Sander hissed, and glanced around the room, "would cause so much trouble," his eyes darkened.

"She was the top trainee on the Acquiescence. Her skills are unreachable to Mei." 

"The girl is Ava Iveta?" General Sander whispered, his eyes becoming wide. "She sure has stirred up things. Surely you've heard what they've been saying about her?"

"Yes," was his hushed answer as he moved from wondering ears in the briefing area. General Sander followed him close behind.

"She's on the Revive's top list to be hunted down, along with her friends. Wait, her friends are the one's back at the penitentiary!"

"They are," Jav confirmed, continuing to walk down the hall to his chamber. 

"This changes everything. Of course you don't want her in the hands of your father. That's why you're taking her to Vinn. You're going to hide her there!"

Jav stopped. Hal had figured it out. 

"It's the only place he cannot find her."

Hal didn't know that having Avianna would make Jav more powerful than his father. More powerful than anyone. He trusted Hal out of all his generals and he hated that he did. Hal was intelligent, and quick to learn. He was also his cousin, and his father's favorite nephew. His father favored Hal over him. He wanted to hate Hal for all that he was, but he was loyal and honest. He could always sense this in his emotions. Hal had no abilities but was never jealous Jav did over him. 

"Having her could bring us advantage over the Strife and the recusants. We could finally beat their forces."

"I know this."

"Does anyone else know who she is?"

"No," Jav replied coldly. "And it will stay that way."

"Is Vinn prepared?"

"He's been prepared for some time. He knew once I found her, his work would begin." 

"I can go with you. I can help Vinn watch over her when you return to Hesmec."

"No," was Jav's immediate answer. "My father will be awaiting to hear about your proposals you've been working on for the outer rim bases. If he finds you've skipped out on a briefing with him, well, you know what he's capable of."

"He won't do anything to me."

"I will order you if I must," Jav's words hiss. "You have to return once Ava and I are dropped off."

"How will you get back?" 

"Vinn has another craft I will be taking." Jav took a deep breath. They were near Vinn's home. "Prepare yourself Hal, you'll be directing this ship on your own. I can't afford any slip ups."

The next ten minutes Jav spent his silent moments alone in his chamber. Avianna was just walls away, in her own space near him. He sensed her, and she sensed him. There was no hiding feelings from one another. He felt almost embarrassed she could sense the fear that he now had. He wondered what she thought about this emotion. He knew she couldn't feel it before, so the sudden sense of it must leave her with many questions. Questions that would lead to Mei.

He couldn't help but wonder what Mei was doing now. What was she thinking? What was she feeling? He knew she must have an overwhelming feeling of pique. She did get satisfaction in what she did to him. This reminder grew a fury in him that he wouldn't be able to control for long. 

Clenching his fists, he let his head fall between his shoulders. He couldn't keep thinking about Mei. He had to focus all his energy into keeping Avianna safe. If his father got ahold of her... No. He will not allow that to happen. If his father took her his plan would fail. And the sake of finding his mother. 

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