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When I wake up my head is pounding, my throat is dry, and I feel stiff. I look around the room, I'm in a bed with white sheets. The walls are red and there's numerous paintings hanging up. There's a tv hung on the wall across the bed, with a few dressers.

Where am I? I look down and see that I am no longer in my dress and heels, but I am now in plaid pyjama pants and a black tee. I sit up, even though its causing every bone in my upper body to ache.

I'm about to get out of the bed when the bedroom door swings open. A tall figure steps into the room, a man. He has brown curls lying messily on his head, piercing green eyes, and a devilish smirk. He's wearing black jeans and a black tee similar to mine.

He makes his way over to the bed and sits down a few inches away from me. "Hello Skye, good to see that your up" He runs his tongue along his bottom lip. "Wh-where am I?" I stutter, scooting further away from him.

He lets out a low laugh that comes out more like a cough. "Your in my home" His accent is thick, and as he speaks chills run down my spine. I squint my eyes at him. "Who are you?"

"Curious are we? Well I guess I could answer some of your questions. My names Harry, Harry Styles" He reaches his hand out for me to shake, I cautiously reach out mine and shake his. "Why am I here?" I ask the question that's been bugging me since I awoke.

"Enough with the questions, get dressed and come down to dinner" He stands from the bed and walks to the door, turning around. "There's some clothes in the closet and dressers. I stopped by your apartment and got your things, you'll be needing them" He smirks and walks away.

He went to my apartment? How did he know where I lived? Where's Courtney? So many questions, and I have a feeling that most of them will remain unanswered. I climb out of the all too comfy bed and walk over to one of the dressers.

I pull open one of the drawers and find my undergarments along with socks, next drawer contains shirts, and the one under contains pants. I sigh and grab black leggings, a pink baseball shirt, and a pair of fuzzy socks. It was oddly cold in this house, considering the raging California heat.

I quickly got changed and looked at myself in the full body mirror. My makeup was smudged and my hair was sticking up. I went to the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom and found one of my hair brushes.

I quickly put my hair in a bun and remove my now smudged makeup. I opened up the mirror to see what else he had of mine. I found my toothbrush and immediately began to brush. I then splashed water on my face, and drank some as well to soothe my aching and dry throat.

I shut off the bathroom light and exited the bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind me. I scanned the hallway, the walls were red just like the bedroom, there were random decorations hung on the wall, and a chandelier was hanging in the middle of the stairwell. The stairs went down in a spiral and it looked like there were a lot.

I made my way to the top of the stairs and quickly went down. Once I was downstairs my goal was to find the kitchen. This house was so big, with so many rooms, it made the task almost impossible. But with the smell of food roaming through the air I followed it, deciding that it made the most sense to be coming from the kitchen.

I stepped into the big kitchen where the floors were made up of black and white tiles, the cupboards were black and the walls a light colour of orange. Harry was at the oven taking out what looked like lasagna, he looked up at me with a smile forming on his face.

"Ah, nice to see that you cleaned up" He sat down the lasagna and walked over to the top of the fridge, taking some kind of pills from the top and filling a glass with water. "Here, take these. It will make your throat feel better and soothe your bones" He hands me the pills along with the water and I smile.

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