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Guys..? May I turn Annabeth slightly into an Annabitch? Well, if you don't want me to, please vote here↙️

😜No Annabitch.

Or if you want a bitchy Annabeth ↙️

😠Yes Annabitch.

Well, this chapter is going to get her to be bitchy, if you don't like it, I'll change it later. Gucci? Gucci.


"Mr Stark, would you like me to put your documents here?" A feminine voice asked as the avengers with Percy and Hannah in disguise arrived at avengers tower.

"Oh yeah, thanks Annabeth. Can you prepare some drinks for these two please?"

"Which two?" The voice came closer and stopped abruptly as the person, now discovered as Annabeth came forward. Percy jumped up as he felt a familiar aura and ran to Annabeth, just as she said,

"Oh my gods!!! Is that you Percy!!! I didn't see you in ages! I was so worried!!! This one shoed kid comes along with a girl and a fiery kid after you disappeared for eight months and they turned out to be good and one of them was Roman and that bloody Hera said that you betrayed us and, wait who is this?" A girl with blond hair in a ponytail with grey hair said as she hugged Percy tightly, and pointed at Hannah rudely.

"Hi Annabeth. This is Hannah Chique. My girlfriend. Why are you here?"

"Your girlfriend? Please! I loved you longer, besides, I bet she's just some mortal you found and helped with your kindness." She proudly stated, not noticing the glares from Percy and his love, and the curious gazes from the avengers.

"Annabeth. Take that back right now, or you would've made more than one god angry, perhaps eight gods, one titan and a primordial."

"Who would love her over me? I'm the smartest daughter of Athena, the retriever of the Athena Parthenos!"

"Well perhaps not smart enough if you're incapable of seeing the power in her eyes and ignoring the advice of a friend, well, not a friend any more perhaps."

"What do you mean? Percy? What's happening to me!!!" Annabeth yelled as ice, fire, gold, silver, marble, shadows, thorns, time, and earth together with a black flame started to encase her body.

"That's what happens when you make a god furious. Well, more than one god, and this god happened to be the god of all, son of seven gods, brother of one, champion of a titan and future son in law of a primordial." Percy huffed as he held Hannah closely in his arms, kissing her head lightly.

"So you ARE Perseus, son of Jack!!!"

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