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Emeliano's pov

    "What. The. Hell are you doing in my house?!" I practically growled out.

There was no word to describe the anger that was boiling inside of me. Seeing Marcos was something I never ever liked, ever since we were kids. Marcos took my happiness away from me, Marcos and his  money obsessed mother.

   I've never hated any one the way I hated Marcos.

"Chill bro... Don't forget it's also my place, and I can go and come the way I like." Marcos said in his usual calm and collected voice, which seemed to have increased the anger boiling inside of me.

"You have no place here! Get out Marcos, stop testing my patience." My grip tightened.

"Ouch, you're hurting me." Rebecca said from behind me.

   I turned to find my hands circling her wrist, when did I hold her? And why?

"Come on Emeliano, let go of her." Marcos said.

I whipped my head back to his direction and sent him the most sinister glare I could put on. "What do you want Marcos?"

"Let her go- she has nothing to do with this, you can't just-"

"It's none of your business Marcos."

Marcos smirked. "We both know it is- we both know why you're doing this. Come on, leave Becca alone- grow up and get over it okay?"

"Emeliano, you're hurting me." Rebecca said again.

  "Just shut up!" I said to her and turned to Marcos again. "I won't say this again-"

"Fine- I'll leave," He smirked at me and turned to Rebecca. "See you some other time, Rebecca.". He winked at her and left the mansion.

   I turned to look at Rebecca to find her blushing at Marcos irritating gesture towards her.


Rebecca's pov

I felt the heat rush up to my cheeks.

   The way Emeliano held my wrist in a possessive manner, made me want to blush out of the world, I tried to fight the heat from running up my cheek, but it was impossible- that little act of his was killing me.

What are you thinking Becca? You're supposed to hate this guy, not blush because of him. You have a boyfriend, a boyfriend that is worried out of the world about you, get your thoughts straight.

Emeliano is a bad pretty boy! Bad bad!!!

   He pulled me forward, making me run after him, cause his pace was really fast. "Where are you taking me?! Let me go!"

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