Chapter 12

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“This is a nice place” Gia raised her eyebrow as she looked around. Cameron had picked a small Italian restaurant. The walls had Italian sentences painted on them. The light was rather dim, and there were only tables for two.

“Glad you like it” Cameron smiled at her the picked up his glass of red wine “a toast, to the most beautiful and fierce woman I have ever met”

“Really” Gia jokingly looked around the restaurant “where is she?”

Cameron chuckled, as she grabbed her own glass and touched it with his.

“Call me crazy, but this faint light makes you look like a goddess” his husky voice sending shiver through her back.

“You’re crazy” she said taking a sip of her glass.

He looked at her, she could see that he was already undressing her, and that both excited and scared her.

“Uh, so,” she began, trying to get their mind off of that thought “any brothers or sisters?” she lamely asked.

“Uh, yes, one brother” he said shaking his head “Christian, he is at college right now”

“Oh college” she nodded “that’s great, what is he studying for”

“He’s studying medicine” he answered with pride.

“Wow! You and your family must be delighted”

“Yes we are, my parents are right now with him, he is almost done and they want to be there when he graduates”

“Why didn’t you go?” Gia asked curiously.

“I couldn’t, had my duty as Beta, and we’ve been having many problems with the damn rogues” he answered.

“Oh” Gia nodded “what medical field is he going into?”


“Wow, that seems pretty hard” she said wincing a little, she had never liked anything that had to do with science”

He chuckle. “Well, it’s what he likes”

At that moment the waiter set Gia’s lasagna and Cameron’s spaghetti and meatballs in front of them.

“Thank you” Gia said to the waiter as he turned and left.

“Bon appetit” Cameron told her.

* * * * * *

” …give yourself a chance Selene…give me a chance” Selene heard him say.

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