The Strength With Darkness

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"Hmph...don't even know why I'm here," Lexaeus spoke.

"You know why, so there is no need to question it," Xemnas said to him.

When silence filled the room again that's when Saix continued to the next person. This man was absorbed in a thick black book. He had light blue hair, that was longer in the front than the back, with a thick long, bang covering one of his blue eyes. "This is Zexion number VI, he's a bit of a book worm as you see."

"Knowledge is power," Zexion spoke in an even toned voice.

Saix shook his head, "I am number VII,"

Then Axel spoke when Saix reached him, "And there's no way you can forget me baby, right?" he smiled and winked.

"Of course not," I smiled

"That's right! The power of fire!"

Saix shook his head, "Axel. Number VIII." The next person in line was Demyx. "You of course met Demyx earlier-"

Then Demyx quickly cut in, "I know I can't be forgotten," he then strummed his sitar. "Nice right?" he winked. "I bet you have good taste in music, don't you?"

A small smile spread across my face, "Yes I do, so I'll plug my ears when you play, so my good taste won't get corrupted," I said flatly.

Everyone laughed as Demyx's face saddened and frowned then went to a scowl. "No one knows good music anymore," he said as he shook his head.

"Number IX, don't take him seriously," Saix said as he rubbed Demyx's head.


The next man had short blonde hair, that was sort of close cut to his head, a thin connecting beard and mustache, blue eyes, and two small hoop earrings at the top of his ear in each one and a dangling earring in one of his ears. "This is Luxord, number X, he likes playing games with a form of chance."

Then Luxord moved his hand and three giant cards appeared in front of me, "Choose wisely, the result alters with each." one card was a heart, the other a keyblade and the other a heartless.

I crossed my arms and shook my head , I summoned Two Across and swung one stroke, making all the cards vanish. "I choose neither, because all the cards have the same result or their own way....they all have, or lead to light or darkness."

Luxord smiled as Saix did behind him, "Well played."

Then Saix moved to the next man who had pink hair that stopped somewhat above his shoulders, and blue eyes. "This is number XI, Marluxia...he's a bit of a gardener...he plays with flowers."

Marluxia's eyes widened in defense, I could tell he was insulted, but the his face went to a plain expression. "A rose may be beautiful, but it's deceitful by being deadly with it's thorns, you shouldn't believe what you see right away."

Then Saix reached the only girl in the room, she had short blonde hair that stopped at the base of her neck, two strands that freely popped out the top sides of her head, and blue eyes. Before Saix spoke the girl held up her hand to stop him. "I can introduce myself, thank you." she cleared her throat. "I am Larxene, number XII, you cracked one on Demyx and outwitted Luxord, I think we'll get along great," she spoke in a sadistic tone and smiled.

Saix smiled slightly and walked back by my side, "Now you have met organization XIII, you will most likely meet number XIII and XIV on your own time, now-"

But I quickly held out my hand to stop him, "I want to know why I'm here.."

Then Xemnas approached me. "You are here as a collector, to fight heartless and collect hearts and return here to put them towards kingdom hearts."

"For what? Why for you?"

"So us Nobodies can become real..have a since of feeling..,give us hearts."

"I see.."

"And you wielders are the only ones who hold the abilities to destroy the heartless but also collect and capture the hearts that release from them, something we can't do."

"Now," Saix interrupted. "It is time for you to absorb new found powers Ayame, that the darkness has to give."

"power? The darkness? Did everyone else go through this too?"

"No, just are special Ayame." then one by one each organization member one through twelve came and placed their hand on me and copied their powers into me having me absorbed them, and combining with my own abilities. The powers were not only absorbing in my clothes, but also in me, in my heart...The members that had elemental powers such as wind, water, fire, ice, and lightning...i could feel the elements flowing through me and my Keyblade. I could feel darkness surrounding my heart...I felt a new essence of that was unknown to any....I felt as if nothing or no one could stand in my path...just like Saix told me.

I smiled at my feeling of invincibility, I felt an urge to fight.....and to consume....I wanted to explore my new abilities to see what they could do, and to discover what I was capable of.

Saix smiled, " Now you have seen a heartless," then Saix made something odd appear out of thin air. It was gray, with a lean a and then snake like body with snake like movements. "This is a lesser and and most common form of a Nobody, the dusk." It really did look like nothing but the empty shell of a person. "But don't be fooled, Nobodies come in many forms, just as heartless do."

Then Saix made a few more Nobodies and Hearltess appear and instructed me to fight them. He made more appear and had me practice my new found magic on, ice, lightning, water, wind..anything along those lines. He had me practice all thses things, including combo moves, and all sorts of techniques while the rest of the organization watched and observed intently.

After over three hours of the course, Saix escorted me back to the room. "Good work today Ayame."

"Thank you."

"You didn't even break a sweat," Axel said when he walked up behind Saix. "Nice job, let's make sure we fight along side each other alright?"

"That'd be great." then Axel turned and left.

"Now," Saix continued. "Remember the next three days you will be doing these courses for about the same amount of time, doing different things. We want you to not only discover your power, but also be able to control them properly."

"I understand."

Saix then placed his hand under my chin, and held it there for a moment "Sleep well, Ayame." I was somewhat stunned and then nodded to him before he left, and then I went into my room to rest up and mentally prepare for the next day.

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