I awoke the next morning to a loud and obnoxious banging on my door. "Ayame!! You'll be late for your first day!" I heard Rhys yell through the door. I groaned before hearing another door creak open and an irritated voice coming from across the hall.

"Oh my god! If you don't stop knocking I will personally disconnect your head from your neck, by forcing Lady Luck through and up your spine!" The voice growled. So that must be Rix...

"Oh whatever Rix, just try me!" Rhys said as she walked away when I opened my door. When I looked across the hall at Rix she had her keyblade ready to strike if Rhys said one more word. She then looked over at me, observing me. She had on a red bow tied into her long blonde hair, which stood out against her deep purple eyes. Her red, black and white dress seemed to be quite unique in a way, the corset around her waist was tight around her chest area, her lower skirt had red hearts with two white bones crossing over each other and came half way down her upper thighs. Her arms, from fingers to her biceps, she wore white gloves and small ankle boots which she wore inside fishnet tights. Her Keyblade..... Lady Luck? She seemed to call it, had a pink blade, on the lower end of the keyblade, it had a pink horseshoe-like structure as the hilt, and at the top end has a yellow and orange heart.

"I'm Rixile Love, but i have everyone call me Rix, it fits. Who are you?" she asked as she looked me over again.

"Ayame, nice to meet you.." I said flatly.

"I suppose... Who do you wield?" I love how everyone referred to Keyblades like they were people, as if they had a heart and soul of their own....and the longer I wielded Two Across, the more I believed it.

"I'll show you..." I summoned Two Across and held it out horizontally for her to see.

A smile crept at the corner of her mouth, "Two Across?....nice...but also interesting...and yet confusing."

"I see that expression a lot around here."

She nodded. "Well I have to go, see you around." Then Rix closed her door.

"Ayame," I looked over to see Saix walking towards me and stopped in front of me. "Come now, it's your first day, we don't want you late, everyone is already in the grand hall." I followed him down the hall when he started to walk. When we reached the grand hall there were many other people in the black cloaks standing in a line. All men, except for one girl.

"Ayame, this is Organization XIII, even though there are fourteen members," Saix said as he walked to the beginning of the line to begin an introduction.

"Where are the other two members?" I asked.

"They are of no value for this....exchange... I suppose it can be called." I nodded.

He was next to the first man, who had somewhat spiked silver hair, dark skin, and orange like eyes. "This is Xemnas, our leader number I. We give him nothing but respect and show discipline." then he went to the next man who had striped gray and black hair pulled back to an odd pony tail, gold eyes, a deep gash like scar on his left cheek, and an eye patch on his right eye. "This is Xigbar, number II." Then he went to the next man. This man looked a lot like the last one in a way, except he had what looked like thick strands of hair, or thick braids pulled into a high ponytail while a couple strands hung in front of his face. He also had thick side burns, and dark blue eyes. "Xaldin, number III."

The next man was different, he had long blonde hair going a little past his shoulders, a long thin face, and green eyes. "This is Vexen, number IV, he's the scientist of the organization....or so he thinks."

Vexen scoffed, "I am, all of you are simply blind, my experiments will do wonders." he rolled his eyes.

Saix ignored him and continued on to the next man who was tall and huge with a lot of muscle, you could tell through his cloak. He had short brown spiky hair, and blue eyes. "This is Lexaeus, number V."

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