Chapter 21

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Ava could feel her heart breaking for Blue as he held her tight in his arms, crying hard on her shoulders. He gripped onto her abdomen for dear life and a low wailing sound escaped his mouth. The woman who gave birth to him and who he loved with all his heart, was taken away from him.

His anger was out of this world and not even Ava could stop him from what he was about to do.

"I'm sorry, baby." Ava whimpered rubbing his back, "she didn't deserve this."

The night Angelina was murdered, her next door neighbors came to check on her and reported the incident. News reporters arrived and pronounced her dead on the spot while paramedics carried her out of her home in a body bag.


     Zay groaned deeply as his mother called out his name. He was comfortable in his bed and didn't not want to move, especially since he wasn't fully recovered.

"Ma'am!" He answered waiting for her to reply. She didn't say anything, so he laid his head back against his pillow and closed his eyes.

"Isaiah!" His momma yelled again.

"Ugh what the fuck she want?" He threw a quick temper tantrum in bed, messing up his covers and sat up.

Pulling down his joggers, he quickly stretched before limping down the stairs to see his mom cuddled on the couch watching TV. "What?" He asked impatiently walking in front of the TV.

"Boy don't what me!" She snapped, cutting her eyes at him.

Zay irritatedly rolled his eyes, "What you want ma? I'm tryna sleep."

Barbra nodded her head towards the TV, "don't you know her?"

Zay turned his body towards the TV and stared as is displayed the News Channel. He looked in confusion trying to see what his mother was talking about, but all his suspicions were answered when his saw a news reporter standing in front of Angelina house.

"Yooo? What the hell is going on?" Alerted, he took a seat next to his mom and listened as the lady talked.

"Fifty-one year old Angelina Brown was found dead in her home around 7:12pm tonight. Witnesses say that they heard several gunshots moments before a Blue Chevrolet pulled away from her yard." The news reporter turned towards a witness and put the mic towards his mouth. "Tell us your name."

"My name is Orlando Pate and I've been knowing Angelina for five years now. I mean, this is all so crazy. I was taking out the trash when I saw her door wide open," the elderly man took his glasses off his face to wipe a tear that had fallen.

"And ya know, Angelina is a very secure person so I knew that something was wrong because she would never leave her door wide open like that," Orlando explained. "I went inside her home and found her— she was murdered. She never did anything to nobody so I don't know why somebody would do such a thing to her."

Zay eyes widened and his mouth fell open in shock. "Oh shit that's Blue momma! I gotta call him!" He panicked jumping up from the couch an racing upstairs to his room.

He snatched his phone off of the charger and quickly called Blue who was in the middle of making Ava's ice cream.

"Come on pick up," Zay said impatiently as the phone rung three times.

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