Chapter 18 : I'm Sincere

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Taehyung's POV
We walked down the road as we were going back to our place. "You feel cold?" I asked her. She nodded as she turned to me. Her lips were trembling because of the coldness right now. I took of my jacket and wrapped it around her body so she wouldn't feel so cold. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes. I smiled at her.

We reached her place. "Well you're home.." I said. "Y-yeah... Thanks for today." She said nervously. I smiled at her before leaning closer. "W-what are you-" I kissed her roughly. She was startled at first but after a few seconds, she kissed back. Suddenly she pulled away. "What if someone sees us?" She asked in a worried tone. I took her key from her hands and unlocked her door. We went inside. "Is this a letter?" I asked as I saw a piece of paper on the table.

Irene grabbed it from my hand and read it. "Seulgi is visiting her cousin..." She said. For some reason, I feel happy. "For how long?" I asked her. "3 days." She replied as she put the paper back on the table.

3 days alone with Irene...

"Well since you're alone..." I said nervously. I took a deep breath before continuing my sentence. "D-Do you wanna stay in my place? I mean you don't have to but like of you need a companion and ummm- Ah forget it..." I said and regretted doing it. I feel embarrassed now. "Sure." She suddenly replied. "What?" I was shocked by her unexpected reply but I was happy at the same time too. "I'm scared to be alone... Especially home alone." She said. "Ok, you can go get ready and prepare stuffs. Once you're done, come to my house!" I said before running back to my house.

I unlocked the door and went inside and tried to make my house as tidy as possible. I changed my outfit and prepared a room for her.

After 25 minutes passed, the doorbell rang. It must be her! I opened the door and let her in. It's already night and she seemed so tired... I brought her to a guest room which is beside mine. "You can stay here..." I told her. She opened the door and her jaw dropped as she saw the big room where she will stay in. "Woahhh, this could fit more than 16 people!" She said in shock.

"The bathroom is there." I pointed at the left side of the room which has a white door leading to the bathroom. "I'm staying here alone?" She asked and I nodded as a reply. "A-Alone...? What if I get scared?" She asked in a frightened way. I couldn't help myself but I just suddenly pulled her into a hug. I hugged her tightly. Surprisingly she hugged back. After a few moments, I suddenly decided to do something. I picked her up suddenly and put her on the bed.

"Tae....?" She said innocently which is just making me even more crazy about her. I leaned closer towards her beautiful lips. I couldn't control myself. "May I?" I asked her before kissing her. She looked at me and gave me a small smile. "Yes... You may..." She said in a soft tone. I smiled and instantly kissed her hungrily. My hands touching her cheeks. I pulled her closer to me and felt her body touching mine. This feels so good... I felt my heart beating so quickly but I wouldn't back away now. Especially at a special moment...

I pulled away and smiled. I went up to the bed and sat beside her. "You're beautiful..." I whispered. I can see her cheeks getting pink when she heard my compliment. She looks cuter... "I love you, Irene..." I said. "I really do..." I whispered as I raised my hand and patted her softly and gently. She smiled shyly. I grabbed her hand and held it tightly. She held my hand too and looked at me. I can see that she's thinking of her answer. "C-can you give me time?" She asked. "Yes... Sure... I will give you as much time as you want. I will still love you no matter what..." I told her. She chuckled and laid down comfortably.

I laid beside her. "I'm not joking about anything I said." I told her to make sure. I whispered. "You wanna sleep? Or... You want to do something... Fun?" I teased. She hit my shoulder. "Let me sleep! I'm so sleepy..." She said cutely. I laughed at her cuteness and laid beside her. "So did you have fun today?" I asked her. "Hmm... I don't know... Do I?" She jokingly replied. I pouted and looked at her sadly. She laughed at me. "Of course I had fun!" She said while laughing.

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