A Close Call

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Third person POV:

Y/N gulped as she was lead by one of her closest friends through the hallway. Avril wasn't one to really care about relationships, so the fact that she was doing this scared Y/N. Soon the two arrived at Avril's room. Quickly Avril shoved Y/N inside. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Y/n questioned, but she knew she wouldn't get an answer. Avril was too focused on the problem at hand.

"Sit." Avril commanded, one hand pointing at the bed, the other still on the doorknob. Y/N quickly obeyed, knowing that Avril could easily beat her. Of course, Avril would never beat up one of her friends, but the thought of her actually being capable of beating someone up still scared her friends. Avril was pretty short too, shorter than the average height for young female adults, but that didn't matter. She could really fight.

Eventually, Avril turned around to face Y/N. Y/N straightened up and smoothed out her dress. "So Y/N....mind telling me why you were out with some guy?" She asked, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes.

"I..I..I...well... you see, the thing is....it wasn't a date!" Y/N managed to get out. Avril raised her eyebrow.

"Really? Than why did it look like you two were about to kiss?" She snapped, but she didn't intend for her tone to be so sharp. Y/N blushed at the accusation. "Well, we were that close because he was going to tell me a secret. Since it was an interview!" Y/N explained. "Yeah, an interview." She added under her breath.

Avril, luckily, believed what Y/N said. "Oh, like an interview you could post online?" Y/N, to keep her followers happy, would often post something on her Twitter account. Sometimes it was sily random stuff, other times it was serious things. Y/N smiled. "yeah, because an interview with the legendary Count Dracula is bound to be popular!" Y/N hoped that Avril didn't see past her smile.

"Oh, yeah, that makes sense." Avril said, putting her hand up to her chin. She and the rest of Y/N's friends knew that despite all the love she received from her family and friends, she still felt unloved sometimes. That's why she became a Youtuber, so she can spill her worries and doubts without being judged right away. Now she plays videogames as well on her channel, but she still vlogs.

"Alright, so we should probably go back to the others, since they're probably wondering where we are." Y/n said, standing up. Avril nodded. "Yeah, let's go."

As Avril lead the two of them to their friends, relief was flowing through Y/N.

"That was so close, I can't let them find out  I was on a....date....I have to decide how I feel about Drac first! And if Macie finds out before I know how I feel....Oh Gosh, I hope she doesn't find out!"

Meanwhile, Earlier with the Van Helsings

Ericka was walking around the ship, plotting more ways to kill Drac and his little "girlfriend". Yeah, Ericka did not like Y/N, even though Y/N did nothing wrong to her. Maybe it was because Y/N was dating Dracula? Yeah, that must be it, since she's dating him, she's technically a Dracula!

"Silly little girl, you and your boyfriend are going to die." Ericka chuckled at that thought. Right after she had that thought, however, her great-grandfather's head popped out of a vent. (I have no idea what the thing was, so forgive me if that's not it.)

"Ericka!" He shouted. Ericka jumped, startled. "Huh?What?Who?What?" She said, calming down after she realized that it was only Abraham.

"Where have you been, young lady?" He demanded. "I was doing..Captain things." She answered. Abraham huffed. "Yeah, right. You were out with him, weren't you?" He accused.

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