Chapter Three

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Everyone sat in the Poseidon cabin for a while, just watching Percy carefully and listening to his quiet cries. "Does she know you told me?" Percy asked Nico. "Yeah, I think so." He answered finally. "I kinda screamed at her." Percy nodded and looked at his hands.

With one large step, he waltzed across the cabin, grabbing a drachma and heading to the fountain in the back room. "Should we go after him?" Will asked. "No. Let Percy talk to her." Grover answered.

Percy opened the window, letting the light shine through and walked to the misted side of the fountain. "O Great Goddess of the Rainbow, I wish to connect with Annabeth Chase at Camp Jupiter." Percy tossed the drachma into the air, watched it disappear, surprised that Iris accepted it. Slowly, Annabeth faded into view. Percy had to try incredibly hard not to cry.


She spun around, walking closer to the IM. (As a swimmer, I keep thinking that "IM" stands for something else lol) "Percy-" "Why?" Percy cut off her words. "I couldn't go back to Camp Half-Blood because of this quest. And I- I was just so lonely and then Cole helped me out and-" Annabeth stopped. "I'm sorry." She said, bowing her head. "Did you even love me? When you and Cole got together?" Percy half-spat the other man's name. "Yes! Percy, I still love you."

Percy snorted. "That's a fucking lie." He was beyond pissed off at this point. "If you loved me, even just a little, you wouldn't have cheated on me. If you really felt lonely, you could have called me!" Annabeth but down on her bottom lip as she started to cry. Tears raced down both her and Percy's cheeks. He let out a soft gasp/sob. "I was lonely too, Annabeth. But I didn't go and have sex with someone behind your back. You know why? Because I love you. And I would never do that to you."

"Percy-" "So what's the plan, huh? We were going to go to college at New Rome in less than a year. We were going to go together." Percy dared. Annabeth stopped her crying for a minute to form logical sentences. "We-Well...I'm 20. So- So I'm a legal adult Cole and I-" Percy flinched lightly at those last words. "-So Cole and I are going to move here. To- To Camp Jupiter. It's short notice, I know, but....but we're gonna try to be together for our daughters." Percy clenched his jaw.

"So just like that? You're just going" Percy asked brokenly. "Well I doubt you'd want me, my other boyfriend, and our two daughters to be with you as well." Percy winced as though he had just been smacked. "Oh."


There was silence for a moment before Percy let out a heartbroken huff of air. "Say it. Break up with me then." He furiously wiped away a tear. Annabeth firmed the word "no" with her mouth, no noise escaping it. "Say it." Percy practically growled.

"I'm breaking up with you, Percy."

Percy nodded frantically. "Yeah, that's what I thought. No stuttering, no emotions. J-Just done." He commented about her ending of the relationship. "I love you, Percy." Annabeth confesses, tears in her eyes.

"If only I believed you."

And then the IM was over.

Percy exited the fountain room, reentering the area with his friends. "Everything alright? Wait- that's a stupid question. Never mind." Jason ducked his head, looking at the ground after his idiotic question.   "Are you gonna be okay, Percy?" Grover asked. Percy sniffed a little bit before saying, "You know? I just....I just really want to fight something right now." Percy finally responded.

Nico clapped his hands together, forcing a smile into his face for Percy's sake. "Fighting shit- that's a coping method I know how to help with. Follow me, Jackson."

While walking to the sword fighting arena, Jason handed Riptide back to Percy. Percy shifted the pen in his hands as he walked, calming down at the familiar weight. As they got closer, wordlessly, Percy uncapped the sword and watched it spring to life. Do you remember how many times you used that sword to protect Annabeth? You've lost count, I'm sure. And now she does this? A voice spoke out in Percy's head, one similar to his own but with a deeper, heavier tone almost parroting and copying the sentences. Percy shake his head slightly, focusing on helping Will, Grover, Nico, and Jason pull out some fighting dummies.

"Workout first?" Jason asked Percy. Ever since the war with Gaea ended, Jason and Percy had become workout buddies, an unspoken challenge between them about which demigod was stronger. Percy just nodded, starting on the 75 push-ups. (um bitch I'm lucky if I get five thanks) Jason quickly followed.

Will glanced at the two demigods furiously doing push-ups and then back to Nico and Grover. "Do we-" "Gods, no." Nico answered Will's question before he even finished it. Nico plopped down on one of the bleachers, quickly laying down. "See, those two are gonna workout for about half-an-hour, and I'm gonna get in another nap. Because napping is great." Nico pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt, pulling it over his eyes to block them from the sun, effectively blocking out the demigod and satyr next to him, assuming a natural sleeping position.

Grover and Will stared at the son of Hades briefly. "So," Grover cleared his throat awkwardly, "How've you been?"

Half an hour later, true to Nico's word, Jason and Percy walked over to the two demigods and satyr. "Dude, how are you not drenched in sweat?" Grover asked Percy. The son of Poseidon was perfectly fine and dry whereas the son of Jupiter was sweating very heavily. "Sweat is 99% water. I control water. Therefore, just subconsciously, I absorb any water that is leaving me to reenergize me, but the 1% of sweat that isn't water goes free." Percy explained. "Oh. Makes sense, actually." Will commented. "Shut up, Solace. I always make sense." Percy shot back, smiling for the first time all day.

"You done?" Nico asked Jason and Percy. Jason was still heaving, trying to catch his breath while wiping sweat off of his forehead. Percy, right next to him, was perfectly fine. He answered, "Yep. Are we gonna spar with each other or the dummies?" "I actually have to go. Mr. D wanted to talk to me." Grover announced, responding to a message on his phone. "Oh, alright." Everyone said, surprising themselves with the unison. Will, Nico, Jason, and Percy all chorused various goodbyes as Grover left.

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