Lamullete or New Year special

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Happy new year once again!


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"Here, baby boy, come here." Hercules gestured to John, who was blindfolded into cold air at balcony.

It was pretty dark and it was soon to be midnight and despite cold air, all what John did wore was lantern shirt which was to his thighs and blindfold.

Probably Lafayette's or Alexander's.

John gasped when he was on Herc lap.

"M-master, why are here outside...? It is cold..." John shuddered.

"Hush baby, imma fuck you open and wet till you weep for release." He promised John, taking sip of cold beer.

John bit his lip nervously, but let himself to lean at Hercules, relaxed.

They were in France, and it was goddamn cold.

"Where is daddy and papi?" John asked in tiny voice as he heard balcony dashed open.

"We're here, baby boy." He heard Alexander and clings of bottles.

They were probably having beer and goddamnit, John wanted some too.

Soon, he felt Lafayette's warm hands, worshipping his thighs as John shuddered.

It was fucking cold.

Then he gasped.

Since he had high bun, Hercules pressed cold beer against his neck, knowing John was fucking sensitive there.

John gasped and lift his head up, moaning and then Lafayette kissed and licked his neck at the front side, making John gasp.

Alex growled in throat. Growled of hunger as he unbuckeld his jeans and began to palm his cock.

"Fucking slut....look at you, holy shit..." He hissed.

John bit hid lip to prevent from moaning, not dare to say anything.

Then Alex stood up, taking his hair and pushing his cock into John mouth, gagging him.

"Damn, Alex...~" Herc moaned, Laf looked at Alex, stopping from doing his activities

"Fucking slut, already dripping for us.." Alex sneered.

John whimpered, his head still tossed back as Alex was just using his mouth.

Then, Laf began to lick his balls, touching him.

John whimpered and was moaning under attention as Hercules just watched, sipping his beer.

Herc took his phone.

"23:50, ten more minutes till midnight, till new year....Laf, make him wet, rim him for me. Tonight he is mine." Herc licked his lips.

In neighbourhood, where they were for their Christmas holidays, wasn't full.

There was concert in their town, so most of people who lived in their street went there to celebrate.

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