11• Photoshoot

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I was struggling with the pleats of the saree like as in the morning while Mr. Monster Malhotra was comfortably lying on the bed and staring at me.

Instead of just staring at me, he can just help me. But no he has decided to make me feel uncomfortable with his intense gaze on me.

"If it's difficult for you, you can ask for help?" He said, rolling down to the other side of the bed. But I just planned to ignore him. I am not going to ask for his help.

I concentrated my whole attention in making the folds but failed miserably. I heard him sigh.

Not long after I felt his arms on my shoulder. He slowly turned me around, making me to look at him.

"Don't be so much stubborn Nandini." He said as he held the extra fabric of the saree and started making folds, one at a time, using his thumb and forefinger. I looked at him while he had been busy working on my pleats and my stupid heart skipped a bit.

"Hold this." He said, handing me the pleats. He then came on his knees and pinned it up after making sure the pleats were straight and even. "You just need to keep patience while making the folds."

He then slowly tucked the pleats onto my petticoat. As his fingers brushed against my belly button, I could feel this tingling sensation. Not again. I can't feel this way.

He took a step forward towards me and my breath hitched on throat. For a second our eyes did lock but he broke it.

He then took a safety pin and slowly pinned my pallu onto my shoulder. While his eyes had been fixed on my shoulders, my eyes were fixed on him and he was very close to me. My heart thumped against my chest.

He then decided to give me one more heart attack. He neared his face towards my ear and I could feel his breath fanning against my ear.

My heart beat just wasn't mine at that point of moment. I can't believe a cardiologist like me is saying all this.

"You look beautiful in saree." His mere whisper send shivers down my spine. Did he just complement me or did I hear it wrong?

I looked at him as he took a step back. "What did you just say?" Okay I had to say thank you but never mind.

"I am not a recorder to repeat what I said again and again." This rude jerk.

"Not funny Mr. Manik Malhotra."

"So who said it's funny." He is so annoying.

I stomped my foot in irritation and left the room without even looking at how I was looking. As I descended the stairs, most of the eyes turned to me, making me feel uncomfortable. Was I looking like a mess by any chance?

Right then Manik came beside me. He slipped his hands on my hand and I looked at him. "We should look like a lovey dovey couple." He smiled.

I too smiled looking at so many guests. The photographer took few of our photos and I was just glad Cabir and Navya weren't there.

"Do you guys call this a couple photo?" Right then Navya's voice hit my ears. Here comes the devil.

"They look like uncle and aunty with that gap in the middle." Cabir added. Here comes the next devil.

"Oh come on Manik you aren't that bad at giving poses, are you?" Mukti also added. This guys are teaming up.

"Oh come on she is your legally wedded wife. Wrap your arms around her waist." Cabir wrapped his arms around Navya and I could see Navya's body stiffen.

"Then pull her closer." Cabir pulled Navya closer, making her breath hitch. Navya looked at Cabir for a moment before realising their position.

She hit Cabir on his chest and pushed him lightly. "Get off me." Navya struggled in his arms and he laughed.

"Oh come on Manik you can do this." Cabir insisted as he let Navya go and Navya smacked him on his head.

Unexpectedly Manik gave in. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. My chest pressed against his and my heart beat increased. I looked at him and he looked at me.

I didn't even realize our photo was being clicked. I was simply lost in him.

"Oh come on you guys can do better." Navya said, gaining my attention. I looked at her and she had been leaning against Cabir.

"Second you." Cabir added.

Manik left me and I backed off, totally flustered.

"Cabir Navya do you wanna die?" I glared at Navya who had been teaming up with Cabir.

"If you want to go to jail then okay you may kill us. We don't mind, do we?" Cabir said.

"Not at all." Navya seconded. They would make the best idiotic couple.

"Cabir why don't you show them how the photo should be taken?" Mukti added, indicating to Navya.

"Of course why not?" Cabir said and looked at Navya.

"Oh no not me." Navya pushed him and ran away while Cabir ran after her. This two are made for each other. They should really try dating.

After all of this we both had to greet the guests pasting a smile on our face. Sigh!

Later in the night

"Manik don't sleep-"

"Nandini not now. Let's postpone this fight for tomorrow." He said and laid down on the left side of the bed.

Today had really been one long day. I nodded and laid down on the other side of the bed.

From the saree incident to the photoshoot in the reception, everything made my heart beat change.

He didn't effect me. I tried making myself understand god knows how many times but I hate to admit that he does effect me.

And more than this tomorrow we both have to go to the temple early in the morning to rectify the ring incident. Sigh!

Thinking all this I drifted to a deep slumber.

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