PS, I Love You

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April: 8
Liam: 9

To Liam,

Hi! My mum said this was going to be how you and I talked from now on. I think that's cool! I can't believe that this piece of paper is going to go from New York to Wolverhampton! That's a long way, it took forever for mum and I to get here! Airplanes are noisy, I don't know if I like them very much. 

Mum said I should ask you how you are.. How are you? I hope you miss me as much as I miss you! I start school in two days and mum says I have to meet new Liams. Mum also said she wants you and Ms Karen to come visit, I think it'd be fun. I could show you around our flat.. Well, they're called apartments here. Isn't that weird? 

Our flat has three rooms. One for mum, one for me and then she said the third one was for when people come visit! See, if you come visit you'd even have a place to stay! Maybe Ruth wouldn't come and then we wouldn't get teased! I miss Ruth and Nicola too, though. We have new neighbors. This little boy I met said they're called neighbors cause they neigh.. Isn't that funny?

My hand is getting tired from writing! Hope you write back soon!



PS (Mum said that's what you put when you want to add something at the end of a letter!)

I love you!



April: 8
Liam: 9

To April,

It's so quiet without you. Ruth complains that she no longer has us both to tease, and she told me to tell you she says hello. I met a boy named Andy today. He has blonde hair and it reminded me of yours, but his is shorter than yours. 

I hope you're having a good time in New York. Is America a lot different than England? I bet it's less wet! It hasn't stopped raining here for the past week. Remember that playground by the ice cream shop? The slide broke because the older kids jumped on it. I didn't like that slide anyways.

Year five is going well, but it's weird without you. Mum was telling me that they don't have years there, they have grades? I don't know. Maybe you can explain it to me.

Mum really wants to go visit, hopefully in a couple months! I want to see your flat. Do you have a playground around there? I hope you meet new people.. Just remember none of them are as cool as me.



PS, I love you too!

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