02 {My prince}

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Meanwhile, Yoongi could kill the rude boy. He had interrupted the king and put his friend in embarrassment.

He squeezed his own hands to keep himself from doing that what he wanted to do the most, but it almost didn't work, especially when the boy stepped closer.

Jimin stepped back in shock and held the hand of the queen tight.

"He isn't important, focus on the matters that are important." The king clicked with his fingers and Yoongi stepped forward.

The second prince stood right in front of the rude boy's face and the boy stepped back with a smirk.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know he was your boyfriend." The boy whispered challenging Yoongi and even Jimin noticed how irritated his friend was.

"This is Yoongi, he is your trainer and will prepare you for the big work." The king said and he stood up, his wife who followed him

"Ehm... sir? What is the big work?" Another boy with red hair asked.

The king looked at the boy from head to toe. "You will hear that if you're good enough, it's a very important task and it's still a secret."

The boy wanted to ask for an answer again, but the king stopped him.

"Or do you want to be eaten by the rats until you choke in your own blood and will be throw in the lake." He looked at all the boys and the girl but kept his eyes on the rude smirked boy for the longest time.

The two boys and the girl immediately shook their heads, but the brunette kept looking back at the king without moving a muscle.

The king ignored the boys and the girl and walked through their gang with his hand in the hand of his wife.

But before they left the room, he turned around. "Jimin, you go with them." Then he and the queen left the room.

Jimin froze at his place with his hands folded behind each other. He always needed someone who held his hand, and the queen knew that. He might seem like a small child, but he wasn't. The boy doesn't know why, but then he just feels safe.

The brunette turned his head to the prince and bit his lip. He reached out to the prince so that he would help him to get down the stairs, but Yoongi stood beside him and looked at him, warning him with his dark eyes.. The second prince had also put his hand out to Jimin, who doubtfully looked at the two boys standing in front of him and offering their help. He chose the safest path and took Yoongi's hand.

The rude boy smirked and pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek, clearly irritated by the feeling that the prince didn't choose his hand. But he understood it, of course the prince would rather choose his brother than a strange rude boy he just met.

Jimin held Yoongi's hand firmly and stood half behind him. He looked at the new students. Why were they here? The king hasn't said anything about them. Maybe Yoongi knew more, like always.

The girl looked at Jimin from head to toe and Jimin felt how his cheeks started to blush again.

"I will guide you in your training this coming months and make sure the king is happy with the result." Yoongi explained and everyone nodded but the brunette couldn't keep his eyes off the beautiful prince in front of him.

Jimin felt the dark eyes aimed at him and squeezed Yoongi's hand.

Yoongi turned around immediately and looked straight into the eyes of the brunette. "What's your name, boy?"

The boy smirked, obviously irritated by the smalling name.

"Jungkook." He answered.

Jungkook... Jimin repeated the name in his head.

Yoongi scanned the boy. "Keep your eyes on your own people and not on my prince," Jungkook irritated pulled up his upper lip. "Follow me." Yoongi said and then pulled Jimin behind him.

Everyone followed, even Jungkook who whispered: "He's my prince too."

They came to a large training room and people were busy with training, only muscular big men.

"Guys!" Yoongi said loud and clear, and the men stopped sparring with each other, they looked at the second prince. "Out." He said and everyone immediately left when they heard that.

No one dared to speak against Yoongi.

Yoongi released Jimin and gently pushed him to the thin mats. Everyone neatly stood side by side in a row.

"We're-" Yoongi started but was cut off by Jimin.

"Can I change my clothes?" He asked shyly.

Yoongi nodded and Jimin quickly ran out of the room.

Jungkook and Yoongi looked at each other the whole time while the other people watched the staring contest.

When the prince returned in his grey sweatpants and a white sweater he immediately stood next to the others.

"20 pushups, when you're done you'll stand back in the same place as you are right now." He said and they immediately started with the push ups.

The little prince looked at Yoongi as if he had just told him to go naked.

The silver haired boy nodded to him kindly that he had to start and Jimin slumped through his knees. He touched the sweaty mat of the other men who had just trained on it and made a disgusted face. The boy looked at Yoongi again if he really meant it and Yoongi nodded again.

The students were almost finished and Jimin didn't want to stay behind so he started to do what Yoongi asked of him. But his thin arms started shaking and his body collapsed on the floor, exhausted. He wasn't lying when he said he would give up after a few minutes.

The boy with black hair next to him looked at him for a moment when he stood up because he was done with the push ups.

The others were all ready done and Jimin tried again but he was too weak and fell to the ground again. He sat on his shins and looked at Yoongi with his big brown puppy eyes.

Normally Yoongi would have said that it was okay for today and would sent him to his room but that wasn't what the king wanted.

"2 more times and then you can get up again." Yoongi said, crouching down to Jimin. "You can do it Jiminie." He whispered, not loud enough for anyone to hear.

Everyone watched Jimin try again and again.

But they looked away when Yoongi looked at them angrily.

One rolled his eyes and continued to watch, the boy named Jungkook was that one.

Yoongi and Jungkook kept looking at each other until Jimin was done and then Yoongi stood up.

Before he wanted to say something, the boy with red hair stepped forward. "Sir, may I ask you a question?" He asked.

Jimin had already stood up and couldn't feel his arms anymore.

"You just did." Yoongi replied and the boy turned his back to them. "You're running to the other side and back again, 2 times back and forth."

Jimin sighed deeply when he heard that. "You don't actually mean that, do you?" He whispered, and Yoongi shrugged.

The other students were already running to the other side.

The little prince looked beggingly at his friend. He knew his friend had a weakness for him and Yoongi finally sighed. "1 time back and 1 time forth."

Jimin immediately smiled and hugged his friend thankful.

The other students saw it while they were running back and Jungkook rubbed his teeth over each other. He didn't know why, but he hated that the little prince loved the other boy so much. He already saw that when they held hands together.

Did they secretly had a relationship?

He will definitely find out, and then... break it.

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