The File

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"What do you mean dad tried to kill you?" Lily asked. "I mean, after the outbreak off IAAN, dad become a tracer and after I escaped the camp he was sent after me but he didn't know that it was me and well he stabbed me," she explained. "How do you know that he didn't know it was his daughter?" Lily asked. "Well, a few weeks ago, my friends and I were at The SHFK and he was there and he explained it all and he tried to play the good guy but he just ended up making things escalate and he shot Liam which made me throw him up against a wall and choke him like I did with Clancy and well we got the hell out of there as soon as the medics there took out the bullet and patched Liam up but it wasn't in our plan to end up here again," she said explaining everything, well nearly everything. "What do you mean, again," Lily asked. Great now I have to explain the stupid plan I came up with. Alex thought. "Um, a couple days after we left The SHFK another tracer called Lady Jane found us and was trying to run us off the road, so I broke the backseat windows and somehow managed to jump into it and I ended up with The League," she said, explaining the rest. "Why the hell would you do that?" she asked. I don't rightly know why but I did. Alex thought. "Well I knew if I did I would be able to protect my friends from The League and from Clancy but that didn't really work out the way I wanted it too but I intend to get them out of here without any harm coming to them," Alex said, making a silent promise to herself that you did intend to keep.

"So, lemme get the straight, you jumped into a moving vehicle, which was being driven by a tracer in order to save your friends?" Lily said trying to wrap her head around her sisters very stupid plan. "Yeah, that's about right," Alex said, feeling impressed that she understood that so quickly. "Maybe you're not as bad as I thought you were," she said with a small smile and of course she gave one in return.

Liam's POV:

"Since you're apparently the expert here, what do you think Clancy wants with her?" I asked Evie. "Well, she's a purple so probably world domination and I'm not kidding," she replied. How does she about Alex being a purple? I thought.  "How do you know she's a purple?" Chubs asked, practically reading my mind. "It was kinda obvious that she wasn't a blue and when Clancy came to us in the mall before he killed the boys he informed us of her real colour," she explained, thus creating another reason for us not to trust her as it is almost completely clear that she works with Clancy. "And you didn't think to tell us that he showed you her file?" Chubs asked.  "I didn't think it was relevant," she replied. Or you just didn't want us to figure out that you're working with Clancy. I thought. "You didn't think it was relevant to tell us that you read her file and you probably know more about her powers than she does, how did you not think that was relevant?" I said, accidently stopping Chubs from replying but the look on his face showed that he agreed with everything I said. "Clancy doesn't know that much about her powers, no one really does, he just pretended he did to get her on his side," Evie said and by the look on her face she said to much. "How do you know Clancy wanted her on his side?" Chubs asked. "Um, it was in her file in red," she said. "What was?" I asked. "That he wants her to be some sort of super-soldier," she explained. "Did it say anything about her powers in her file or why he thinks she could be a super-soldier?" Chubs asked. "It said that purples have a bit of every colour in them and that if taught how to use powers correctly then they can be very powerful," Evie explained. "Well, that explains how she is so good at everything she does," I muttered. "And if she was here she could most likely see through your bag  of lies," I said. "I'm not lying, everything I have said is the truth I swear," Evie said. "You can swear all you want but we aren't going to believe a word you say," I said, meaning every word. 

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