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Pen Your Pride


Dirty Louis Imagine


#Imagine..... its a summers day.. you and Louis are running around in your garden... your in a stripy bikini and Louis' wearing his matching swim shorts....

*Louis throws a bucket of water over you*



Y-"Your gonna pay!"

you run after him sliding on the wet grass... you slip up and land on your butt... Louis runs after you to make sure your okay... he offers his hand and you go to get up and pull him down towards you giggling..... by now Louis is in the press up position above you... you stare into his big blue eyes.... he learns in for a kiss.... what started out as a peck is now a full on passionate kiss..... he stands up, picking you up and you wrap your legs around him... he carries you up to the bedroom kissing you the whole time... he gently places to down on the bed and his arms reach round to your back and pull the string on your bikini, your top falls off exposing your boobs.

L-"wow they just get even BETTER!"

He kisses you on your lips working his way down to your bikini bottoms.. he glances up at you and a slight giggle is enough to tell him to carry on.... he pulls of your bottoms with his teeth and twangs them onto the floor you sit up....

Y-"my turn now.... sit down boo"

he sits where you were.. you gently pull the string with your teeth and begin pulling down his shorts... as to your suprise he already has a full hard on you look up at him and he says

L-"what... with a face as beautiful as yours its hard to controll myself"

you begin massaging his dick he groans in pleasure as you kiss the top steadily moving your hand up and down faster an faster you kiss it from time to time....

L-"babe.. oh... babe im gonaaa....!"

You place you thumb on the top with a cheeky smile

Y-"told you you'd pay for throwing water over me"

he pushes you onto the bed and licks his fingers.. your pretty cold now since your wet cos of the water but all of a sudden two large fingers thrust into your vagina

Y-" HOLY SHIT" you scream " a little more warning next time" you manage to say inbetween breaths

he starts pounding your vagina the pleasure runs through you

Y-"Louis....Louissss OH GOD LOUISSS"

you start to reach your high and he pulls his fingers out of you

L-"paybacks a bitch"

Before you have the chance to say anything Louis full on thrusts his large length into you, you didnt remember it being this big... it hurts a little and a tear rolls down your face

L-"oh god im sorry babe... you just turn me on so much.... it must be the stripes on the bikini"

he kisses your tear off your cheek and gives you a look thats means 'Can i go on?' you knod and he slowy starts trusting into you that tiny bit of pain has now turned into pleasure you moaning his... your bed starts creaking and the head board thats banging against the wall

Y-"Lou..Lou.. i want one of your famous thrusts" you manage to say between breathes

He gives you a cheeky smile and pulls out his dick a little..... pulling his hips back a little he pounds you so hard its takes you breath away.

Your in utter ecstasy.... sweat pouring down your body... staring deep into eachother eyes.. and then....

*door opens and slams shut*

Harry-"Hey Louis, Hey Y/N ... you guys out back?!"

you hear him walk outside, you and louisn both grab your swim stuff and put it on quicker then ever before... you hear harry coming up the stairs

H-"guys were are you?!"

you sit on the bed and louis pretents to do up your bikini.

H-" Here you are!" he says beaming

Y-" hey harryyy!"


Harry looks at your sweaty body...

H-"what you been doing?! your drentched!!"

L-"oh..erm... yeah...We were having a water fight!"

H-"ohh rightt!... well next time let me join inn..!"

You look at Louis trying not to laugh and say

"yeah... that could be fun:D"


can you guess what my next imagine it going to be likee? x

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